Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Lasagna pasta is made ​​from thin layers are arranged in layers with toppings and covered in homemade sauce mixed with minced beef. Popular of Italian food does look quite complicated to make, then do not be surprised if the price of a serving of lasagna is usually pretty expensive.
Until now, perhaps you can find lasagna only in restaurants. But now I will introduce you to the Lasagne Lasagne, is  a homemade lasagna made ​​by Virra Vinsenssa.

Yesterday, I just got a package from Lasagna Lasagne. Firstly, I'm so curious to try this lasagna, which is said that's one of the best lasagna in town. And what? I'm totally agree with the others opinion about this. Then you look at its packaging! It was quite simple and eco-friendly, made me still curious.

And when I opened the packaging, this lasagna is so tempting though just by smelling it. And to add the deliciousness, firstly I put my lasagna to the microwave. I think it's better to serve in warm condition, because the melted cheese and sauce are really very tempting your taste buds!

And especially for pasta lover, you should try homemade lasagna from Lasagne Lasagne, because its presentation and taste are also very competitive, not least with that you find in a restaurant. Believe me, it's really worth!

Can be seen as the photo above, that lasagna looks so tasty and tempting. Layers of pasta and minced beef that could be considered pretty much, make you can't wait to eat it straight! HAP HAP!

Oh ya, for your information - Lasagna Lasagne also provide for the other flavours such as original beefmushroom and mix beef & mushroom. And this lasagna are also available in two sizes : 
- Personal size (IDR 45.000) // 15 x 7 x 3 cm
- Large size (IDR 85.000) // 18 x 8 x 4.5 cm

Want to know how to get this delicious and savory lasagna? You simply order by phone, approximately 2-3 days earlier. 

And don't worry, all this lasagna are fresh from the oven!

Phone : +62 856 1300 086
Line : Lasagnalasagne
Instagram : lasagnalasagne1


  1. always want to try this one. looks good! ;)

    1. Yap, for sure. You should try this one!
      Really worth to try, trust me! :)