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What did you think of liquid nitrogen? Of course, we immediately thought of the gelato - which is currently popular everywhere. Jakarta is ideally suited to develop the business, which was originally a popular of bubble tea, then the presence of cronuts and now many people sought for it, and finally now emerging the new innovation by using liquid nitrogen for making a gelato.

And not many places that provide gelato with liquid nitrogen technique, this may be one place that you can find in one of the malls at Jakarta, with cafe concept that makes you feel  comfortable to linger there.

Liquid nitrogen ice cream has become a crazy thing that was sweeping the trend of cooking shows and or better known by the term of molecular gastronomy. The liquid nitrogen that makes the dough of gelato quick to be served - it's ready in a minutes.

Last night, I wanna met with my friend and also a food blogger, Angelina Yuliana at Grand Indonesia. Because of Jakarta, is a city where always have a traffic jam everywhere, making me late to get there. And finally, after several hours stuck in traffic, we decided for looking something fresh and exactly this gelato - which is also one of the new tenants opened in Grand Indonesia.

Red Velvet (IDR 60.000) is a medium roast chocolate gelato with cream cheese (topping injection). This gelato isn't too sweet and perfectly served with creamy cheese, such a perfect combination for both. If you notice anything unusual with the photo? Yeah, right! The topping injection should used injections, but this time replaced with a pipette - which is due to injection stock has been exhausted. But don't worry, if you come and visit this 'laboratory', these injections are available for you.

The Breakfast (IDR 60.000) is the newest menu on this November, it was a plain base gelato with nutella swirl topped with crunchy cornflakes. I really like this gelato, love each sweetness of every sip, especially for the nutella and the crunchiness of cornflakes, so mouth-watering!

What a lucky, we met with the owner of Ron's Laboratory, Ronald Prasanto - his name, very well-know as a coffee master and gastronomy chef. Why do we get to meet him? Perhaps the reason this is a bit silly, because I and Yuliana is foodblogger, where we always to take a picture of our food - it may look 'weird' and busy ourselves. And finally, we are visited by the owner, ranging from questions about the satisfaction of gelato that we've order until we talked about coffee and molecular gastronomy.

And finally, he explained a little about coffee and invited us to taste 'Manual Brewing' directly made by Ronald Prasanto. What is a Manual Brewing? That is one way of making coffee manually, from on puree beans, coffee filtered using Kalista and wavy filter paper. In this process, all of them must be precise, such as the heat level to be 80 degrees Celsius. Then, put the coffee powder in the filter, then doused with hot water (but not too much, the water shouldn't seep up and down) aim to undertake 'development' coffee molecules for maximum results, for about 2-3 minutes. After that, then doused with hot water and liquid whole coffee has gone down and ready to be enjoyed. 

*This time, he used the Ethiopia coffee beans, which produce different flavors - high acidity and less bitterness.

In addition, because I'm also a coffee lover and he also made ​an ​espresso for me - to differentiate between the taste of Espresso and Manual Brewing. Manual Brewing looks cleaner without the 'froth' whereas espresso coated with 'froth' on top, oh why? Because the espresso through the pressure process in the making. And if you wanna know more about coffee, you can visit and meet him on Monday night, many coffee lovers gathered on that night and you can ask and learn from them.


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