Friday, November 22, 2013


Hello readers! Have you ever heard about Hitokuchishoppu?

Hitokuchi Group has been in the food industry since 2011 and Hitokuchi Bakery is a new baby born from the group. The bakery has been baking gourmet roll cakes from scratch, decorating them beautifully, and delivering them to our customers' doors since 2013. Each cake is carefully made from scratch with only the finest, all-natural ingredients, just like you would use at home. 

And one day, I got an email from Nadya Stephanie, an owner of Hitokuchi. She wants to endorse me with this minion deco-roll cake. Surely, I'm shocked when I got this cake, because too cute to eat! Well, Nadya Stephanie is a young woman who loves to cook, especially in art and beauty. She started her own Japanese food business and expanded to sell customisable printed roll cakes that adopted from Japanese baking technique. And her greatest dream is one day to swing open the doors to a shiny new bakery with her name on it.

Each product is made from scratch in their home kitchen and decorated to reflect the tiniest detail possible. They love to capture the personality of their customers in the designs of theirs baked goods, because customer's happiness means everything to them. As a business, making money is important and necessary, but their greatest delight is in the smile and joy that spreads across the face of a happy customer. 

The cake looks so cute, right? But don't worry about its taste, the taste was good with the softness cake, served with cream and cheese inside! This could be a friend to your morning breakfast and is perfect served alongside a warm tea.

Wanna get some and how to order this cute cake? Please read the details below.
  • Orders for Monday - Friday should be placed at least three days in advance
  • Is it possible to order deco roll cakes with custom decoration? Yes, they can accommodate and create special designs with personalised message for you.
  • Their cakes are made with the freshest of ingredients, therefore they are perishable and need to be refrigerated, will keep for approximately one week in the refrigerator. 
  • They ship their beautifully hand-made deco roll cakes via JNE anywhere in Indonesia (as long as your city appears in the destination box). All orders will be shipped using one day delivery with shock-proof food grade packaging.
And for further information and details, you can go and follow their instagram : hitokuchishoppu & nadstephtan (owner).


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