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Sushi Tei is the first sushi restaurant in Indonesia to feature the characteristic sushi bar with a conveyor belt. And their outlets are best known for their simple-yet-modern approach to its open kitchen concept, with touches of Japanese culture. Sushi Tei's open kitchen allows its patrons to take a look at what's going on as their orders are being prepared.

Sushi Tei aims to provide an exceptional dining experience that exceeds the expectations of customers, by blending the authenticity of Japanese highly-praised taste and a signature touch of local flavor, with the highest level of service and comfort.

And now, I'm just lucky to be invited on their cooking class program! So excited and a little explanation below from my good day, here we go...!

This is our welcoming refresher! Idk what its name, but it was totally fresh! Keep up your mood before cooking class was started.

 One of the ingredients to make Tuna Salad Gunkan

The picture above are the ingredients to make Temaki Sushi! There was crab sticks, cucumber and chopped tuna.

Chicken Kaarage, one of ingredients to make a Kaarage Sushi Roll. Love its crunchiness!

These are two chefs who will accompany and teach us how to make a good sushi. Chef on the left, Chef Eddie and on the right, is a chef who came from Singapore (but I forgot his name, so sorry). They were very patient in teaching us the process of making sushi. And the rules given when cooking class started :
- Hands should be sterile, use hand sanitizer
- Using plastic gloves / rubber
- When making sushi, are not allowed to hold other objects

The picture above is the sushi made ​​by chef Edi. He taught us how to make a good sushi and give a little information around sushi. Thanks chef!

Kaarage Roll is using karage chicken in it, then wrapped with shredded fish. The crunchiness and deliciousness are felt in every roll. And the topped is garnished with a bit of mayonnaise and chili sauce. And it was also made by me, it was good enough? :)

Tuna Salad Gunkan is made ​​of mashed tuna then given marinades, looks so tempting that is wrapped with nori sheets. Sensation of crunchy tuna at once gentle glide smoothly in your mouth. Sorry for the cucumbers may look wilted, because the photo session done at the last moment (if all have been created) because at the time of making sushi, the state of the hand must be sterile (can't hold other objects, such as mobile phones or camera).

Temaki is one of Japanese food as well, but the shape is different from the others. This Temaki cone filled with rice, crab sticks and cucumber - are then covered with nori sheet.

And this is it, sushi that I've made! Is it look good enough? :)
Wanna try my sushi? Hehe


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