Tuesday, September 17, 2013


A new experience, such a new treats!

The newest innovation was coming to town! Beside the most happening of cronuts, and now we're introduced by nitrogen ice cream! 

Did you get it? Or maybe no?
Okay I'll give a little information for you.

I thought you're already know about nitrogen, it was a natural element around us, about 78% of the volume of the atmosphere - just gas and safe to be breathe. And FYI, it has been tested and strictly evaluated with high standard by Food Safety Institutions in USA and Australia, hence deemed safe by proper handling procedure.

Why the name Elicxir?
The brand revolves around Alchemist theme. In their upcoming future store, customers would be able to create their own “Potion Gelato” with the use of various ingredients selection. Mix the base, fruits, syrups, or anything else you like. Your very own personal elixir is created out of the cool nitrogen mist.

About Elicxir!
ELICXIR is a purely Indonesian brand. Created by two passionate friends out of their love for desserts. They believed that Indonesia has a high potential in creating an equally awesome brand against Western invasion.

Liquid nitrogen ice cream has become a crazy thing that was sweeping the trend of cooking shows and or better known by the term of molecular gastronomy. As I know, molecular gastronomy was the merging of scientific tools and techniques with culinary arts.

Liquid nitrogen was fun to watch, makes us want to know the process, and everybody feels so curious about it!

Knowing there're only a few ingredients, it really make me feel like I can indulge! And using liquid nitrogen, the ice cream was frozen so quickly that the ice crystals are incredibly small resulting an incredibly smooth ice cream.

People are often amazed to watch the wave of steam when liquid nitrogen gas hits the liquid ice cream base then instantaneous freezing. BAAAM! Amazing, what do you think? 

And it's done! Choco Matcha ready to make you drool and to be enjoyed, mix two flavors are so awesome! Very soft and perfectness level upgraded!

Try it if you're so curious! :)


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