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I'm sure, you've heard and know this news since a few months ago. BlackBerry has just announced that its hugely popular BBM messaging service is going multi-platform!

As I know, BBM for iOS and Android will offer features such as delivery, read, and typing notifications. It also lets you to share files, images and voice notes, also supports group chats - up to 30 people. 

If only Steve Jobs is still there, would he agree to this? Haha

That was the interface from Blackberry Messenger on iOS. How it looks? Okay, I admit it's better than blackberry on OS but the bubble text was too large. Of course, I still don't like this app was in iOS. Haha.

The hype of BBM goes to iOS and Android, many of them are asking me to download it - but I firmly say "NO". Say goodbye to who are always to broadcast message, please don't bother me. For some reason, idk why it was annoyed when 'blackberry' messenger on iOS! 

FYI, Blackberry Messenger will be present for the desktop version, which will eventually meet with Blackberry Messenger for OS X and Windows. Maybe, Blackberry Messenger will be available first for Windows. And as I know, to use the Blackberry Messenger desktop version, you have to connect the blackberry to a PC / Mac to be able to run the Blackberry Messenger service. I think this is quite complicated if just want to use this app but you must connect it first. Hhhh.

Click the link below, if you wanna try it :

The picture above is a comparison between the iphone, android, blackberry OS and windows phone. Maybe for more details, you can search in google, because it's impossible if described in details here. Possibly, can be checked in

So how? Will you continue to use BBM on iOS or ...?? Haha.

Image source from google

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