Sunday, August 4, 2013


SKYE is a new lifestyle concept opening up high at the skyline of our beautiful city of Jakarta, located on its 56th floor of 57th floor with 230 meters high at BCA Tower. SKYE has main attraction to the view over the city's skyline. 

This place is become our spot to spend the night while enjoying some snack through the beautiful cityscape.

Deep Forest

Deep Forest (IDR 120.000) was contains of absolut vodka, galliano and apple juice enhanced with cloves and subtle star anise flavors.

El Diablo

El Diablo (IDR 120.000) was a manly olmeca tequila based, lime and ginger cocktail with subtle berry flavor.

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse (IDR 120.000) was contains of purple grape, crushed and blended with absolut kurant and blackcurrant liqueur.

Banoffee Pie

Banoffee Pie (IDR 55.000) was a quite nice pie from SKYE. It was consist of banana, caramel, marshmallow, chocolate and cream chantilly. The size wasn't big enough but it can be fairly filling your tummy. However, because it contains cream pretty much, it makes little queasy when eating too much.

Strawberry Jasmine Cheese Cake

Strawberry Jasmine Cheese Cake (IDR 60.000) is just another dessert, especially made for cheese lover. This cake like the other cheese cake I ever found, but there's some 'crispy crunchy' on top (idk what it's called) and also served with green tea ice cream. Perfectly match!

Crepe Layer Cake

Crepe Layer Cake (IDR 70.000) looks so beautiful with brandy chocolate cream, salted caramel and spices. This is my favorite - chocolate in every side. For me, on slice of it will make smile to your tummy and perfectly close your night.

You'll see the beautiful of Jakarta through your eyes. High buildings scattered around the city, such as it's like reaching to the sky.

And you feel as if it is in the sky, see the city lights shining like stars in the sky.
How beautiful the city is!


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