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K O N N I C H I W A !

Hello to all my delicacies eaters!

Did you ever heard about Marugame Udon? I think all of you already know and familiar about Marugame Udon. And for you who didn't know about it, I will introduce and let you know!

Marugame Udon is the first Authentic Japanese Udon Restaurant in Indonesia with freshly homemade udon and tempura. And now, Marugame Udon spread its wings by opening a new branch in the area of ​​South Jakarta, exactly in Gandaria City Mall. FYI, their first branch was at Taman Anggrek Mall, West Jakarta.

One day, I just got an invitation via email from Mr. Edwin for coming to the newest branch of Marugame Udon, also have a food tasting and meet up with another food bloggers. We had much fun here, they're very welcoming to us! But when the grand opening, the queue is quite long because so much fans of udon.

Marugame Udon was made ​​with the concept of semi-self-service, open kitchen, freshly made and cooked. So, you can see the process how to made an udon. And how do I order udon here? First, order udon of your choice (available 8 kinds of udon). Second, select your preferred tempura (available 10 kinds of tempura) and then order your drink. Third, do the payment at the cashier. Lastly, don't forget to add other complementary sauces and spices (on the next counter). And enjoy your favorite udon!

And my heart goes to Beef Curry Udon (IDR 50.000) - idk why, this udon is very interesting for me. Their thin slices of meat and tender, and the curry sauce was savory and 'thick' enough are perfectly to be my mainstay menu. Other than that, I think this is the most suitable udon with me among other udon I've ever tried.

And for the tempura, I've chose Ebi Tempura (IDR 14.000/each) and Broccoli Tempura (IDR 10.000/each). All of them was really crunchy and still in warm, freshly cooked!

Next, udon and tempura served on the display, no more than 20 minutes. Over that time, the food will be retracted and replaced with a new one. Therefore, every tempura crunchiness well maintained.

Just info, their next branch will be open soon at Kota Kasablanka, stay tuned!


- Kamage Udon (special udon served with warm bubake dashi soup)
- Zaru Udo (special udon served with cold bukake dashi soup)
- Tori Baitang Udon (udon with white-chicken broth with meatballs)
- Beef Curry Udon (udon with slices of sukiyaki meat and poured with curry sauce)
- Kake Udon (udon with kake dashi soup)
- On Tama Udon (udon with bukake dashi soup and soft-boiled egg )
- Niku Udon (udon with slices of sukiyaki meat and kake dashi soup)
- Mentai Kamatama Udon (udon with special sauce, mentaiko fish eggs and soft-boiled eggs)

- Kakiage
- Tori Tempura
- Sweet Potato Tempura
- Egg Tempura
- Chicken Chili Tempura
- Ebi Tempura
- Skewered Tofu Roll
- Broccoli Tempura
- Kisu Tempura
- Beef Croquette

- Sukiyaki Beef Bowl
- Beef Curry Rice
- Tendon Tori Rice
- Tendon Seafood Rice


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Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda, Kebayoran Lama
Gandaria City Mall, UG Floor
Mainstreet Dining Area

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