Thursday, August 29, 2013



What do you think about me? Some of them, called me "Apple Fan Geek" but I don't think so. Haha.

And what do you think about Apple? The 'first class' gadget? Ya, maybe it can be said, but not for nowadays because Apple has so many competitor around.

But, why am I still love apple product?

Okay, I'll let you know. Maybe, I'm one of the big fans of Steve Jobs. I was sad when he died and I've thought there's no more innovation like he did before and I really missed with his presentation and said "one more thing"! Nothing better than him and feel the difference when he gave a presentation, I could sit and give a full attention to his presentation. Don't know what makes it different from the others.
Since he was gone, Apple was held by Tim Cook. He was also great but again, he wasn't Steve Jobs. And I felt a bit disappointed when he released iPhone 5, oh why? For me, a little less significant changes from iPhone 4s to iPhone 5, only difference in screen size, thickness and material, as well as the processor. So, I stayed for the iPhone 4s (the last one from Steve Jobs).

Because I like the apple product, then I was looking up to Singapore to get the iPhone 4s and to HongKong for ipad mini. This might sound crazy! But I went for a refreshing too, not specifically to buy the product. Hehe.

And now, let me introduce the iOS 7! How it looks like?

Okay, this iOS was quite good, but it would be a bit wasteful battery when you turn on the dynamic wallpaper. The point is, the wallpaper on iOS7 can 'move', which is usually just a picture or a normal picture. And for the icon they used flat design (the details are really awesome), but somehow I missed the old icon 'it was more Apple'. Haha.

I started using iOS7 in a few days after it was introduced. Maybe, so many who haven't been able to use it or maybe more curious. And because I was really curious and wanted to try it, I send my iPhone's UDID, so it counted as a 'developer' (beta version is available for developers) and I begun to use it. 

At first, just 'tired' and a bit annoying because it had just released and there are still many bugs that have to be justified. For the example, when you entering into an application, the sudden exit of the application itself. Even so, I still wait to use it until beta 6 (now). It was awesome!

And for the last, why I used all of these stuff?

Idk why, but personally Apple has the only one gadget with best UX and UI, it more user friendly than others. And I can easily manage my works, hobbies, etc in easiest way!

A little message for you guys!
Increasingly sophisticated technology, communication between people more less and less. Maybe it could be said that humans are 'enslaved' by technology. For example, just to communicate or asking help to others in different rooms, many of them are using the social media applications. Especially now, almost all the needs are facilitated by technology, which can cause people getting lazy and less concerned with the circumstances and around. Maybe they're not aware of it, they spend more time with their own gadgets. So, respect with people who are around you!

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