Sunday, July 21, 2013


When walked around South Jakarta and we felt so lazy to go the nearest mall for lunch. So, we went to Cibulan - one of my friend said "there was a good place, speciality in ribs". Okay, in a minute, we found the place! 
The place isn't good enough but we get the best ribs and also its taste, maybe it can be one of the best ribs I ever taste. Then, take a seat and let's order!

Iga Bakar Kecap

Grilled Ribs with Ketchup (Iga Bakar Kecap) - it's just an original taste, very simple but still sweet, tender and savory! One serving will filling up your belly!


BBQ Ribs (Iga BBQ) - ribs cooked with honey sauce, its taste a bit different from the other ribs, savory and tender. This is my favorite lunch menu! Idk why, I just falling in love with it, perfectly combo!

Sop Iga Bening

Sop Iga Bening, it just ribs served with a savory soup, then topped with fried onions and celery which is add the fragrance of this soup.

Ayam Betutu

Ayam Betutu (HOT!) - The chicken was great fun, almost all spices commonly used in homes, blended into one, then steamed until the chicken is tender. And the spiciness is wow, especially for you who loves chili and ready to get 'hot'!

They also serve :
- Urutan (sausages for Balinese)
- Sauteed Kale (Pelecing Kangkung)
- Kecombrang Ribs
- Beef Satay
- Fried Duck / Chicken, etc


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Jl. Cibulan Raya No. 17A
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
Phone : (021) 72786442

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