Wednesday, July 3, 2013


FRITES FRIES - An Authentic Belgian Fries

I just found it at Summarecon Mal Serpong, idk why my eyes straight immediately to the food train is quite funny and unique among others. So, I came closer!

And tadaaa! Because I'm such a potato lover, always love any foods containing potatoes. They've 3 variant fries : Belgian Fries (IDR 33.000), Bon Bon (IDR 28.000) and Nachos (IDR 30.000). 
  • Belgian Fries, when you bought this variant, you'll get one free sauce. You can only choose 1 sauce from 6 their top signature sauce : cheddar cheese, classic demi glaze, fry sauce, rachaa, barbecue and original mayo.
  • Bon Bon, just a portion of potato sticks (french fries) with slices of crunchy sausages and served with sweet and spicy sauce. 
  • Nachos, was a snack based of corn tortilla, it really like corn chips. As I know, nachos was an mexican snacks.

Here it is!
The picture above just wanna show you the inside of Frite Fries' food train!

Finally, I choose Belgian Fries with cheddar cheese!
So yummy, the fries was soft and salty, really loves it!

And I also ordered Bon Bon, I think it was nice from the picture, but the taste is really good! Bon Bon wasn't crunchy especially for the potato sticks, but it was crunchy for the sausages. Perfecto!


You can found another Frites Fries' food train at Plaza Senayan, MKG 2 - Gading Walk, Lotte Shopping Avenue, Mall Alam Sutera and Lippo Mall Kemang


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