Monday, July 29, 2013


LOOBIE, such a new place and quite popular in recent months. If not mistaken, this is still one group Loobie with Steak Hotel by Holycow. Because it's already separated, one of their chef set up a special place which specially provides lobster and shrimp. 

One night, my friend and I participated in the running event "Halo Fit Night Run" at Monas, which is held by Telkomsel. And after the activity is over, we're looking for a place to eat that was open around 1 AM, and finally we've decided for Loobie! Then we headed straight there and what I've got? I still have to wait for awhile. This place is very crowded and liked by many people, because the food is tasty and quite delicious. However, the place is not too big, requires us to wait in line if you want to eat there.

Half Lobster Platter

Half Lobster Platter (IDR 55.000) - I've chose this menu because I didn't eat much at night but still feels like a sinner, haha. I really loves the calamari, very soft and crunchy!

Mix Platter

Mix Platter (IDR 125.000) - It was a mixed of lobster and shrimp. Perfectly combo! I thought one portion isn't enough, haha! 

Both of them was a fresh 300 gram sea lobster and super sized shrimp which marinated with their homemade recipe and served with warm fluffy white rice and deep calamari.

And not to be forgotten, they also provide two kinds of sauce, the spicy garlic sauce and sambal matah.  But I prefered for sambal matah or it depends on your favorite.



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