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Did you already know about Kira Ramen? Kira Ramen has its own signature broth from Hyogo, Japan that differentiate them from another style of ramen. Kira Ramen brings you the only tonkotsu ramen with the freshest ingredients. 

Indulge yourself in various fresh and fragrant toppings creating the ultimate mouth filling effect. Perfectly runny soft-centered eggs and tender slices of char sui pork are surely not to be missed.

 The environment of Kira Ramen, comfort and cozy
with a little of Japanese style.

The decoration on the wall of Kira Ramen, looks like a comic, it will tell you the story of ramen.

Let's guess, who is she? She is one of the owner of Kira Ramen, Vea Septiana. She was very nice and friendly, she welcomed us well and also tell the history of the beginning of the Kira Ramen. Okay, I will tell you a little story about it : Kira Ramen has existed since September 2012, which was built by 5 friends who love ramen. Kira Ramen actually doesn't exist in Japan, the naming of "Kira" because one of them was really liked The Killers (band) and because of it, the name of Kira which means 'killers'.

And now, I wanna intoduce a man behind of the kitchen, Aris as the Kira Ramen's chef! He has specialty on Japanese food. If you want to know more about the food from Kira Ramen, you can directly ask to him. He will answer all of your question.

The menu book of Kira Ramen

The process of making and serving a bowl of ramen! And this ramen is also of my favorite beside Chin-Ma-Ya Ramen. Both of them has more light taste for the broth, it was more authentic from Japan.

Cream Kolokke

Cream Kolokke (IDR 38.000) was the first starter dish presented, the menu may look ordinary, like a potato ball? Maybe ya for its shape, but not the inside. Cream Kolokke was made from flour and fresh milk, butter, corn for the inside. Why they using a fresh milk? Because fresh milk will make it tasty and more, period!

Yaki Gyoza - Pan Fried Chicken Dumpling

Yaki Gyoza - Pan Fried Chicken Dumpling (IDR 25.000) is so yummy! You wanna know the ingredients of the dish? Let me tell you a little about it, this food was consist of minced chicken, cabbage, chives, celery and then wrapped with wonton skin.

BBQ Chicken Wings

BBQ Chicken Wings (IDR 25.000) this is another starter and also a recommendation dish by Kira Ramen. I think, you already know about this dish and it was easy to find or same as other chicken wings, only slightly different in its processing, this chicken was tasty and rich of seasonings, especially for the Kira BBQ sauce and and sesame seeds sprinkled on top.

Shiro Ramen

Shiro Ramen (IDR 48.000) was the favorite ramen from Kira Ramen, and especially for pork lovers, you should try this ramen. This ramen was consist of cashu, nitamago, ikurage, negi with pork bone flavor - so mouth watering! 

Energy Ramen

Energy Ramen (IDR 49.800) was a Shiro Ramen with spicy sauce powder and for those who like spicy and seafood, will surely love this ramen, which consist of shrimp, cuttlefish, nitamago, negi, ikurage, bombay and kucai. FYI, this basic soup was directly imported from Japan. 

Beef Hambaagaa

Beef Hambaagaa (IDR 48.000) was one of signature main course from Kira Ramen. Looks carefully, that burger isn't using bread, one of uniqueness! This burger was using Japanese rice with mushroom sauce and melted cheese. I think, you'll get fat easily when eat this delicacy course, haha. Why? Because this Beef Hambaaga was consist of butter and fresh milk, that's what makes this meal so delicious and very tempting.

Karaage Gohan

Karaage Gohan (IDR 35.000) is just another simple main course, it was a rice bowl topped with fried chicken with sesame seeds and slices of nori, also served with soup.

Honey Toast

Honey Toast (IDR 37.500) was my favorite dessert, probably many people are familiar with this dessert, perhaps as roppan? Hmm, This dessert is perfect as a dessert, maybe the picture isn't good enough (melted ice cream) because it was too long for the food in the photos session, haha. Oh ya, I wanna tell you that the dessert was perfect with honey toast bread, vanilla ice cream, strawberry with chocolate sauce.

And for the drinks, most perfectly accompanied by Japanese tea or commonly known simply as Ocha. For the first time, I saw Ocha in brown color, like a sweet iced tea, hehe. But it wasn't, it was really ocha! But I forgot for asking this to Kira Ramen, sorry.


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