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Another invitation I've got through an email, they invited me to come for their Grand Opening of Aloha Terrace on the last of June 2013. Yeay, it's time to be a Hawaiian? Hehe.

Aloha Terrace's Invitation

Here I come! Just saw a big typo 'ALOHA TERRACE' in front of the restaurant with a big boat! Catchy!

Okay, now I'll tell a little story about Aloha Terrace : Aloha is the most Hawaiian word and a Hawaiian symbol, it can mean hello or goodbye and also means love and affection. Aloha Terrace was opened in May 2013, is the first authentic Hawaiian cuisine restaurant in Indonesia. They offer so many varieties of Hawaiian and healthy American dishes as well as attractive new foods. "Aloha Terrace" is where style of service comes straight from heart and where any occasion becomes an unforgettable moment.

Hawaiian Lei is ready to be put on your neck!
This is the most popular concept of a lei in Hawaiian culture is a wreath of flowers draped around the neck presented upon arriving or leaving as a symbol of affection. 

ALOHA! Welcome to Aloha Terrace!
You'll found it when you walked into the restaurant with Hawaiian stuffs and decoration on each side, so you can imagine a beautiful Hawaii here.

A beautiful place with a beautiful and sweet decoration, they put some flower (it looks like frangipani/kamboja flowers) in yellow and deep pink color. You'll feel comfortable when you are here.

When we came here, we're given a fresh drink, looks so Hawaiian with a little-sweet flower on each glass. Okay, I'll introduce to you about Aloha Non-Alcohol Cocktail! Refresher drinks in the hottest day, haha.

Tropical Panchi - Blue Hawaii - Mango Chichi

Tropical Panchi (left), Blue Hawaii (right), Mango Chichi (behind) - all of them only IDR 33.000, so grab one and chill! They will make your day so fresh, but three of that are sugarless, should added more vanilla syrup or something sweet liquid, like sugar - maybe, eh? From all of them, I've choose Blue Hawaii as my favorite - fresh enough and I got the strong pineapple taste on it!

Mango Frappuccino - Blackcurrant - Lychee Latte - Blue Hawaii

Mango Frappuccino, Blackcurrant, Lychee Latte and Blue Hawaii, another unique drinks from Aloha Terrace. I thought for Mango Frappucino, Blackcurrant and Lychee Latte, you'll never found it in the menu book or maybe it was some special treats for us on their Grand Opening? Idk for sure, hehe. But, all of them are quite good for chilling out!

Hawaiian Poke Combo

And after we've tasted some drinks, it's the time to taste the food, start from the fresh dish - Hawaiian Cold Seafood! What do you think about that? Totally fresh! It was a Hawaiian Poke Combo (IDR 38.000) which consist of Ahi Poke, Lomi Lomi Salmon and Tako Poke. Are you familiar with that name? If you don't, I'll explain it for you. 
  • Ahi Poke, was a tuna salad with avocado, mixed with nori and topped with sesame seeds. But when I tasted it, I can't found the avocado taste, but it was good enough and fresh, especially it wasn't smell fishy.
  • Lomi Lomi Salmon, was a salmon salad and also served with diced cucumber. FYI, the name lomi-lomi salmon is taken from the method of preparation, dicing and mixing of the salmon (massaging the salted fish with the ingredients by hand, lomi-lomi is Hawaiian for "to massage").
  • Tako Poke, was an octopus salad with kimchi sauce and also served with diced cucumber, real good but but I think this dish is a bit tough/hard to chew it.

And now, I will let you know about Hawaiian Pupus. Here we go, the next dishes!

Mochiko Chicken

Mochiko Chicken (IDR 35.000), it was a chicken which is fried with rice flour. The name of mochiko is from Mochigomeko (in Japan), that's why this little starter called Mochiko Chicken. It has a soft-meat  texture, crunchy and very tasty!


Calamari (IDR 38.000), should be explained? You already know about this, for sure! But okay, I'll tell you a little about the best calamari I ever found, hehe. Idk why, this squid is really soft and easy when I chew it but still crunch for the outside! 

Mahi Mahi Style Fritto

Mahi Mahi Style Fritto (IDR 40.000), was another starter! It was a fillet fish and fried with flour. Guess what? I thought it was a dory fish, but it wasn't! In fact, mahi-mahi is a name of fish, haha! It has a really soft texture and not smell fishy. FYI, mahi-mahi or can be called common dolphinfish, a surface-dwelling ray-finned fish found in off-shore temperate, tropical and subtropical waters. The name of mahi-mahi means very strong in Hawaiian!

Pineapple Rice

Pineapple Rice (IDR 50.000) is a food that you often encounter as well. It was a pineapple fried rice which also served with shrimp and some vegetables. You can say this is an huge dish served on a plate on you, looks so beautiful but this dish a little tasteless, too plain. I thought added more salt, make it better - it's just opinion, everybody had a different taste, right?

Original Loco Moco

Original Loco Moco (IDR 48.000) is one kind of rice bowl categories, rice topped with burger patty, sunny egg and pineapple fritters with the original choice of sauce (tomato sauce) or teriyaki sauce. I guess, you already know that this is a traditional meal in Hawaii.

Lomo Lomo Salmon Bowl

Lomi Lomi Salmon Bowl (IDR 55.000) is just another rice bowl categories, another Hawaiian cuisine. It was served a bowl of rice, topped with salmon, slices of fresh tomatoes and diced cucumber. I really like and enjoy with this one!

Steak Bowl

Steak Bowl (IDR 50.000) is the most fragrant dish, because it was served a bowl of rice and topped with roasted beef, salad and fried garlic which made it so tempting, just smell it! 

Coconut Pudding - Mango Pudding

Dessert time! Coconut and Mango Pudding, because I didn't like mango, I've choose for the coconut pudding. It feels like in heaven, I really love the soft pudding which is topped with slices of pineapple and strawberries. It just another the best coconut pudding I ever found! Oh ya, this dessert served at their Grand Opening only and really thanks to Mr. Wataru Tahira as the chef, for making this beautiful dessert for us. 

with Mr. Wataru Tahira
Behind every delicious and beautiful dish, there was a good chef, especially for Mr. Wataru Tahira, as a food consulting for Aloha Terrace. Their excellent Hawaiian food is seasoned by Japanese Chef! Wanna know more about him? Here it is :
  • Working at Keio Plaza Hotel which is one of Japanese famous 5 star hotel in Tokyo as Assistant Executive Chef for 20 years then he moved to Indonesia and worked at Japanese famous restaurant Goemon at Sudirman as Executive Chef & General Manager for 12 years.
  • Now he established PT. Yumeta Tri Mitra which is Food Consulting Company. He is handling management of the restaurant, catering service, bento delivery service as well.
  • He was able to succeeded in the event of 40th year of ASEAN Japan Friendship and cooperation, COOL Japans food event sponsored by Ministry of Economy, trade and industry japan this year as well.

Monika Yulianti, the finalist of The Voice Indonesia (Glen's Team)

Monika Yulianti as the finalist of The Voice Indonesia was coming to perform on Aloha Terrace's Grand Opening. She's so beautiful who also has a great voice and sing some popular song to accompany our lunch.

Ms. Makiko San as a hula dancer

And we were also entertained by Ms. Makiko San performance as a hula dancer. She danced with gentle and graceful, as we really enjoy typical dances of Hawaii.

Are you curious about the typical food of Hawaii? You can come here to enjoy it! ALOHA!


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