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Another invitation for me, and now I should go to Downtown Bistro. Did you ever know about this place before? If you don't, let's take a journey with me. I'll bring you for walking around this place.

Firstly, I wanna explain about Downtown Bistro to you. Downtown Bistro is located in the heart of Jakarta business district. Their premium location is a convenient meeting point for business and leisure. Accompanied with gourmet cuisine for food connoisseurs and this place will bring you back to the 1950's, feel the American Classic atmosphere when you were here.

All photos (above) is  the environment around Downtown Bistro.
Can't you imagine? If you're still curious, you can take a little time here.

FYI, this place is separated into two : indoor and outdoor. So, choose your favorite spot and take a seat. Get your leisure time here. This place is perfect for relaxing/chilling out with friends or for business affairs.

And now let's go to the Downtown Bistro's menu!

Asian Beef Salad (IDR 42.000) was presented as our appetizer. This salad is consist of green lettuce as the main ingredient, fresh tomato, tenderloin beef which marinated with oyster, honey and sesame oil, and also garnished with crispy wonton & cashew nuts and sesame dressing. This salad looks so fresh and made up your mood with juicy tenderloin and the crispy wonton.

Downtown Nachos (IDR 49.000) is served as another appetizer. This is a homemade tortilla chips with chili co carne, tomato salsa, fresh guacamole and sour cream. And also they used some pieces of jalapeƱo and cilantro leaves (or better known as Chinese parsley), as their homemade garnish.

Cappuccino of Mushroom Sauce (IDR 80.000) is one kind of soup that you'll find here. Are you confused about the naming of this soup? Curious about it? Hmm, for sure, firstly I felt a lil bit shock, "What is this? Cappuccino or Soup?" Haha. But you don't have to worry, this is purely soup not containing of coffee/caffeine. But why namely Cappucino Mushroom Soup? Because this soup placed on a cup which usually use for tea or coffee. Oh ya, this soup is consist of shiitake and champignon mushroom, which blended very well, you can feel the smooth for this part. Already look alike a cup of cappuccino? hehe.

Here we go, the main course called as the signature dish, The Rocketeer (IDR 145.000) is sliced flame broiled Australian tenderloin which marinated with homemade Downtown seasoning, arugula, caramelized shallots and balsamic reduction sauce, this sauce is reducing balsamic with sugar and served with potato chips, as the side dish. You can also change the side dish to potato wedges, mashed potatoes, potato cakes or french fries. For this dish, I feel a little disappointed, because the meat feels 'hard' when I try to cut and chew it.

Fish Sandwich (IDR 55.000) is one of "Burgers & Sandwiches" category from Downtown Bistro. Looks a normal right? Hmm, maybe it looks like a usual sandwich, but there's something special from this dish. For the bread is used focaccia herbs on it and they used deep fried battered dory fish, and also served with mix salad and french fries as the side dish. You can also change the side dish to potato wedges, mashed potatoes, potato cakes or potato chips. The dory is perfect for me, crunchy but soft in the inside.

The next main course, Pan Seared Black Cod (IDR 62.000) is used Gindara fish which marinated with soy sauce, coriander and basil, then topped with chopped cashew. Also served with rice and fresh Asian pickles. This is my favorite dish, savory and the seasonings are perfect for me.

A very beautiful dessert, Chocolate Mousse Trio (IDR 45.000) is really rich and creamy with 3 layers of chocolate, mocha and vanilla, topped with chocolate ganache and white chocolate. The dessert is very tempting with the presentation so appealing. The texture of this mousse is different with other mousse I ever tasted. Usually mousse have a dense texture like an ice cream, but for this mousse is having a softer texture like tiramisu, sweetness level upgraded! 

Such a sweet treat, The George Pie (IDR 45.000) looks so classic! This pie is used green apple for sure, luscious apple baked in flaky crust, there's also raisins and cinnamon powder in the inside - mixed well, and served with vanilla ice cream topped with strawberry and a piece of chocolate. Overall this is a good pie, still warm when it served but I felt a bit sluggish. Hehe. *Anyway, sorry for the picture, missed focus because less of lighting there.*

A specialty cold drink, Green Tea (IDR 38.000) is made form green tea powder and mixed with milk (powder and liquid). This drink is really perfect, you can really feel the green tea, strong flavor. As I know, this drink is not added sugar, the sweetness comes from milk. And for the last, this green tea frappe is topped with whipped cream and free tea powder, sweetness!

Nutella Milkshake Hazelnut (IDR 38.000) will freeze your brain, haha. Idk why, this is my favorite drinks, maybe because of the taste and the texture, really soft. This drinks is made from nutella jam (very popular nowadays) then mixed with fresh milk and vanilla ice cream, all the ingredients blend into one, so you can called it 'smoothies'. And they used marshmallow filled with chocolate, as the topping, such a guilty pleasure!

Espresso Martini (IDR 85.000) is a cocktail and also contain of alcohol for sure. If you really love alcohol, you'll love this drinks! I also love this cocktails, hmmm! Wanna know about this cocktail? Okay, I'll tell you, this cocktail is contain of coffee, Irish Baileys, Absolut Blue and mocha syrup. And in my opinion, this drink taste stronger to coffee and mocha. Then there's also some coffee beans at the top, as the garnish or maybe to show that this drinks contain of coffee.


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The Landmark Center, Ground Floor
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman No. 1
Phone : (021) 5296 0064 / 0821 1000 3000
Opening Hours : 08.00 - 22.00 (Mon- Fri), 16.00 - close (Saturday), closed on Sunday

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