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MOMMILK! Such a cute name, isn't it?  How about if you translate it into Bahasa? Haha. Creative and easy to remember ya! Do you wanna know about Mommilk? Here we go, let's take a journey with me! 

Mommilk is a new-comer cafe around Benton Junction, Lippo Karawaci. If I'm not mistaken, previously used by Istana Nelayan. You'll easily found this cafe, near the entrance of Benton Juntion, if you're driving a car, hehe. When you looked up to this cafe, from the outside, it looks like a barn. But the 'name' of Mommilk is put too high and quite small, I think make it bigger is better, IMHO.

Let's come, foodie! Can you imagine the cafe's theme? Rustic Cafe, looks like unfinished building but really comfy. When you stepped in, you'll look a giant menu hang on the wall with light bulbs as the decoration. Unique, the atmosphere will take you like in the era of the 2000s, hehe.

There's a giant typo! Very catchy!

And now, we looked for the environment around here. All of the furniture, like the tables and chairs are made from wood - it will make your warm and keep stay here. Beside that, I can feel the minimalist and welcome concept too.

Another surprise for you, tadaaaa! There's a huge blackboard - one of the side of this cafe - with a hand drawing story about Mommilk, use chalks. Wanna try to draw on there? Don't try it without permission, okay? Hehe.

A little gift from Mommilk! Because this cafe recently opened, so for you who stop by here, can get a free sticker from Mommilk. Yeay!

Because when I came here, already around 3.30PM, feels a lil bit hungry so I ordered a little snack, Mom's Platter (IDR 20.000) which consist of samosa, french fries, nuggets, onion ring and sausages. The taste is quite good but less attention of food presentation. I think, it's not good enough to be presented to the customer. 

The second dish, ordered by my friend, Dinda. She ordered Mom's Fried Rice (IDR 18.000) - consist of beef sausages and egg, such a quite plain fried rice which is wrapped by egg. And again, the food presentation is less tempting, less likely something to have garnish for this food, so it looks more yummy.

MOMMILK! Here it is, the signature of this cafe is their MILK! Without thinking twice, I just asked to the waitress about the favorite drinks, and she said Mom's Milk Cookies and Mom's Milk Caramel. So, I ordered one of them, Mom's Milk Cookies. And Mom's Milk Banana has ordered by Dinda. When we tasted it. "Oh my goodness, this milk is so fresh and hmm...!" We regret ordering for a small size, and for the next, should ordered the king size! FYI, this drinks was available in two sizes : regular (IDR 16.000) and king size (IDR 21.000).

Another uniqueness from here! When you ordered any cold milks, you can asked about a straw glasses! Use your glasses and drink it! Have you ever tried it before? If not, you can try it here. Full of happiness!


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Benton Junction #35
Lippo Karawaci

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