Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Kana's Delight - A Bite to a Delightful Moment

Did you know about Kana's Delight? Kana's Delight is a home-made pudding, really fresh and delicious! Redefining the concept of homemade pudding, Kana’s Delight introduced a brand new experience of taste, scent and sight into the world of natural desserts.

Look at the packaging! Really cute and lovely! Wanna get that packaging? You should buy 6 glasses of any puddings and you'll get that cute packaging! :) This box is used to make you easier for bringing your puddings. And there are some rules when you use that box :
- Please don't shake the box
- Inside may contain dry ice, to make your pudding still fresh
- Keep refrigerated 3 - 5 degrees Celcius

Did you see the chocolate shavings on it? You'll get a pack of it then you put it on your pudding, it will make your pudding more yummy! This chocolate is the perfect complement! Freshness level hmmm....!

This is my favorite flavor : Durian Ecstasy, Sensational Kiwi and Going Coconutz. They said, these 3 flavors are also the favorite. Let me explain to you! Durian Ecstasy, an all time favorite with real ecstatic durian flesh topped with chocolate shavings that guarantees to give you the 'high' satisfaction. Sensational Kiwi, a smooth kiwi topping that melts in your mouth and titillates your senses - the flavor of this topping has been raised to a new gastronomic level. Be sure to try it out when in season! Going coconutz, an incredible concoction of fresh slurpy coconut engulfed in lychee and longans, this is Kana’s original flavor that brought the concept of homemade pudding to a whole new level.

They're so delicious that it will simply take your breath away! FYI, best consume Kana's Pudding within 2 days, don't forget it ya! Keep hungry! :)

Available Toppings :
Durian Ecstasy, Magnificent Mango, Blueberry, Sensational Kiwi, Kiwi Longans, Going Coconutz, Mango Orange, Passionate Peach, Dazzling Strawberry, Perky Soursop, Crazy Chempedak, Strawberry Banana.


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