Friday, May 3, 2013


Eggs are identical as one of the main ingredients various dishes. Not only for bakery products or pastry, eggs were also used as a raw material dishes ranging from breakfast, lunch to dinner even.

And now, I just visited Sunny Side Up's new outlet. When first seen, it looks identical orange and white colors, such as the other outlets. However, there is a slight difference here.

This place looks less extensive and less neat, but still with fast and friendly service. This place is perfect for relaxing with the family.

Seafood Yaki Udon (IDR 38.000), this is one of favorite dishes from Sunny Side Up. This menu can be ordered as your lunch or dinner, which consist of fried udon with katsuobushi on top, carrots and beans as complement. Very tasty! FYI, Katsuobushi, also known as okaka is the Japanese name for dried, fermented, and smoked skipjack tuna. And upon being placed on hot food, the heat waves causes the thin and light katsuobushi to move about, giving it a special aesthetic look, with the "dancing" katsuobushi.

Thailand Fried Rice (IDR 35.000) was chosen as my dinner! Looks a giant portion enough? Ya, it look like a large portion but when you pull out of the pineapple rice and place it on a plate, it would look like a normal portion. Hehe. You should try this menu and you'll feel the sensation of pineapple sour and sweet into your fried rice and there's also cashew nuts.

Omelette (IDR 46.500) is one of breakfast set menu, but you can order for your lunch or dinner, maybe. This menu looks so WHOAA! Looks very complete and filling up your stomach. You just have to choose of 3 ingredients (mushroom, beef bacon, cheese, chicken, sausage) and served with tomato-egg, whole bread, butter and sautéed vegetables.

White Yolk Juice (IDR 26.000). It's available in some flavors, but I really love for Banana Milk Flavor. This drink is never forgotten to be enjoyed. IT'S A MUST!


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