Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Who does not know about bobabits? A tea shop is pretty well known by the public, especially young people. Probably for the most people aren't so familiar with Auntie Betsie's who. Well, I will introduce to you who is she.
Auntie Betsie is an auntie who is very endearing yet strong-willed at the same time. Just like sunshine, everything is better when she is around. On top of cooking and baking delicious food, neatness and organization have been near and dear to her heart ever since she was a young girl. She redefines the whole spectrum of being organized with her witty charm and impeccable taste.

Auntie Betsie would like to introduce BOBABITS by Auntie Betsie - is light, fun, chic and cute little place with fresh atmosphere which is specialized in modern Asian Snacks, bubble milk and flavoured teas. This is the other branch of Bobabits, which is the first shop located at Pantai Indah Kapuk.

This is the little menu, you can find it in every table. The newest promo will be founded here and also you can find Bobabits on social media, twitter and facebook, to get the newest event. Yeay!

And if you wanna take away some drinks or foods here, you can easily look at the top and see for the menu - with pictures and prices. So, choose and take it home!

Bobabits' environment, look so neat and clean, very comfy for staying here in couple hours. The interior was dominated with black, white and green as their main color. This place is divided in two areas, indoor and outdoor. So, choose your favorite spot! :)

Because Bobabits is very well-known about their bubble tea, so we choose for Lychee Tea (IDR 22.000,  without toppings) and Oolong Milk Tea, as the recommended drinks (IDR 20.000, without toppings).

The other drinks, Jasmine Tea (IDR 18.000) and Jasmine Milk Tea (IDR 20.000, without toppings). The texture of these milk tea is soft and more dilute. So, that's why we loved to come here and chill!

It's not be completed if not ordering snacks while hanging out with friends. Therefore, we ordered Fried Popcorn Chicken (IDR 35.000). Idk why, it reminds me of Shihlin. Maybe from its texture and way they're presented, haha! 

The next snacks, Fried Cod Skin (IDR 25.000) is a snack made from cod's skin. It's very crunchy and it served in a quiet large portion, I don't imagine it would be this much. Haha. Most of the snacks here, presented using a paper bag, making it easy to carry if you want to take a walk. But don't worry, this snack can be eaten in place as well - provided a plate and sauces.


TOPPINGS (IDR 3.000) :
Big Boba, Small Boba, Egg Pudding, Milk Pudding, Choco Pudding, Taro Pudding, Coffee Jelly, Grass Jelly, Grape Konjac, Lychee Konjac, Nata de Coco, Tapioca Udon, and Aloe Vera.


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Summarecon Mal Serpong 2, Ground Floor
Downtown Walk #DGF-01
Business Hour : 10.00 - 24.00 (Sunday - Friday) & 10.00 - 02.00 (Saturday)
Phone : (021) 2931 0714

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