Tuesday, April 9, 2013


- - -   Bitter(sweet)   - - -

Today, I just got an invitation for gathering with OpenRice at Alcoholic Bar, Kemang. Before going there, I stopped at Plaza Senayan, waiting for my friends, his name is Sata - almost 2 hours. Haha. I've walked around and get bored because nothing to do, alone.

Then I decided to have a coffee while waiting for him and spend the time. Here I go, Monolog Cafe. The sweet and warm place to relax, sit on the sofa - playing with my iPad then I've ordered a cold cafe latte (with caramel flavor) and creme vanilla choux. Sweet treats! 

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Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Plaza Senayan Level 1 CP 101B, Palm Gate Entrance
Phone : (021) 572 5144
Website : www.monolog-coffee.com

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