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McCow Steak, is a new-comer restaurant since the beginning of 2012. First of all, the owner and his wife wanted to open their own business, which finally has opened this restaurant. The idea to build this restaurant started from their works before, in a well-known food company in Indonesia.

Some things that you should know about McCow is the meat used here may be can't said to be 100% authentic from australia, because it is derived from beef cattle australia, but the cattle bred in Indonesia (so there is little difference in the cows' treatment).

Are you ready for having lunch here? Here we go, let me tell you!

Welcome! This is the environment of McCowSteak Restaurant. This place is divided into three areas : non-smoking area (first floor), smoking area (second floor) and kitchen (third floor). The second floor is larger than the first floor so it can be used for reunion, event, etc and more private place.

McCow Salad, I got this for free - or you can called this as appetizer. This is a fruit salad, why is this presented to the usual vegetable salad that is served? The restaurant owner said "Maybe if vegetables salad are usually served, because here was different, it presented a fruit salad". IMHO, I think this salad would be yummy if it served cold.

First dish, Medallion Steak (IDR 65.000) is a wagyu secondary cut, because of secondary cut - that's why the price is cheaper. This steak is served with brown sauce and french fries as the side dish. Medallion Steak is the favorite meat here, because the texture is soft and juicy. You should try this, don't miss it!

Second dish, Sirloin Steak with Mashed Potatoes (IDR 52.000) is an Australian Beef and there was fat. So, don't worry for getting fat ya, hehe. This steak is served with mushroom sauce and mashed potatoes as the side dish. This isn't soft as medallion steak, but don't be surprised, a lot of people like this kind of meat.

Another dish, Sirloin Steak with Baby Herbs (IDR 52.000), is served with black pepper sauce and baby herbs as the side dish (baby potatoes-flavored, there is a slight herbal aroma). FYI, this meat preferred as a sirloin steak because there is a layer of fat that lies on the "outside" slices.

The last menu, Gado-Gado Siram (IDR 15.000), is an Indonesian Food - a la Surabaya, which is consist of rice cake (lontong), bean sprouts, lettuce, tofu (tahu), tempeh, long beans (kacang panjang), potatoes, crackers / chips (kerupuk / emping) then smeared with peanut sauce.


- Tenderloin (180 gr) IDR 70.000
- Sirloin (200 gr) IDR 52.000
- Rib-eye (200 gr) IDR 58.000
- Medallion (200gr) IDR 65.000
- Chicken Steak IDR 40.000

- French Fries
- Mashed Potatoes
- Baby Herbs

- Brown Sauce
- Black pepper Sauce
- BBQ Sauce
- Mushroom Sauce


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Jl. Pahlawan Seribu Block B No. 16 - BSD City
Phone : (021) 531 64 570
Twitter : @McCowSteak

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