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Kedai Gentong is founded at 2007. As I know, they started this business from carts and now they already have some cafe around Jakarta. At first, they only provide ice cream in three flavors, such as durian, chocolate and jackfruits.

Walking around at this mall with mom on the hot day, we're looking for something fresh and cold. And suddenly, we looked at Kedai Gentong Cafe. So, we stopped here and grab a light snacks. It looked something local and feels like back in time! So nostalgic!

Look at the barrel! It was full of party cups ice cream! It's time for you to choose! They've some flavors : brownies, chocholate, green tea, durian, coffee, jackfruit, oreo, strawberry, vanilla and avocado. 

In my opinion, it was a small ice cream shop with offering limited set of ice cream-based dessert and pre-package to takeaways. But, you still feel like back to earlier times.

When you walk into the cafe, you will feel comfortable because this cafe is made like home. The sofa was made in colorful ways and the table was made from wood with traditional game images on it (anyway, I forgot the game's name, haha). Like back to your childhood! :)

Mini Cold Dog (IDR 18.000) is the uniqueness from Kedai Gentong. Why say mini? Because this bread is small, just as they're used for hotdog - just different in size. This mini cold dog is served with one scoop ice cream (you can choose for the flavors) and also melted chocolate (looks alike a chocolate syrup) and chopped nuts on top.

This is the same dessert, only different in flavors. This is durian flavor! Looks so plain, isn't it? Ya, because for this snacks, it didn't use melted chocolate and chopped nuts for the topping. Feel the original! :)

The ice cream are available to takeaways and can hold up to approximately 2 hours outside the fridge. You don't need to worry, when you want to takeaways, this ice cream will be inserted into an aluminum foil container filled with dry ice. So I bought some party cups of different flavors.



- Party Cup (IDR 13.500)
- Regular Cup (IDR 15.500)
- Large Cup (IDR 59.500)

- Big Cup (IDR 19.000) - 2 flavors
- Cone (IDR 18.000)


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