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Gio Vanese is an Italian and Mexican Dining, the only one Italian and Mexican restaurant around Karawaci. So, if you wanna eat Italian or Mexico cuisine, don't have far to go to their places of origin. Now, it can be found in Karawaci area, or also in Gancaria City, Jakarta.

The decoration is unique and simple. The left one, looks like unfinished building - bricks for the wall, and there are some paintings and water faucet as the decoration, nice idea. And for the right one, looks so 'dark' but you can play with it, it just for decoration, feels like wanna play the game, right? Haha.

Come in and take a seat. Looking around, everything is neat - because this restaurant can be called as a casual dining restaurant. So, everything should look like this, to give the comfort's impression for the customer. Hmm, just wanna tell you, this restaurant is separated 2 areas as usual : smoking area and non-smoking area. Feel free to take a seat here! 

The Gio Vanese's Interior. Looks clean and neat! Of course YA! They arrange it neatly. Almost all of the interior here is made of wood, thus giving the impression of a classic and comfortable, like home. As my opinion, this place is perfect for gathering with friends or family.

This is Gio Vanese's Menu Book!

Grilled Red Snapper (IDR 85.000) is the recommendation dish for main course category. This dish is served with spaghetti aglio olio with lemon-caper sauce, seasonal vegetables as the side dishes and also grilled red snapper there! This aglio olio isn't spicy, so don't be afraid of spiciness hehe. And for the red snapper, it was cooked well - but lemon-craper less taste, for its sauce.

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Leg (IDR 70.000) is also the recommendation dish for their main course. This dish is served with pepper-barbecued sauce, mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables as the side dishes. Look at the picture above, the chicken is wrapped with bacon, maybe for 6 pieces (the size is not too big, but it will make you feel full!) then it will be covered by pepper-barbecued sauce at the top. Juicy and savory, such a nice choice for your dinner! 

Coca-Cola (IDR 20.000) and Kiwi Melon Iced Tea (IDR 25.000) are our choice for the last. The simple one for us. I think you already know about Coca-Cola, isn't it? Haha. Now, I wanna explain a little about Kiwi Melon. Hmm, when this drink was served, I was confused, why is there no melon and kiwi? I tasted it then, this drink only contains melon and kiwi flavors (but the fruits didn't include as a 'sweetener'). The taste is light but still fresh.

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Supermal Karawaci, LG #EE3A (East Lobby)
Jl. Boulevard Diponegoro 105 - Karawaci
Phone : (021) 5422 0560
Cuisine : Mexican, Italian

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