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Bakerzin is a member from Boga Food Service, as grow as a brand, they have become more passionate about what they do and more focused on meeting and surpassing the demands of their customers. 

Indirectly our minds focused to breads and cakes, when we hear about Bakerzin. I could say yes! They sell various breads and cakes. Do you want to know it more?

Okay, let me explain to you. Ready to go inside? Here we go! :)

When you came here, you'll look a giant typo of Bakerzin. Beside that, you can see the interior directly, because there's no wall - only glass as their boundary. Oh ya, this place is separated in two areas as usual, smoking area and non-smoking area.

We're inside now! You'll feel the calm and relax atmosphere here. Maybe it caused by the designed and the environment around here, homey - with beige and light brown as their decoration and stuffs. When you sit inside, you'll see a little kitchen beside you, a place for making our drinks.

Here's the menu book! Idk why, how much I love this menu - the design and food photography.

The little sweet things, called macarons. I just bought 3 pieces, because my favorite flavor is out of order. So, I just choose Red Velvet (red color), Hazelnut (brown color), Coffee + White Coffee (black and white color).

Whoa! This is my favorite dish, Brioches with Smoked Salmon. Such a big portion, isn't it? Hehe. This dish was consist of 2 pieces brioches, some slices of salmon, scrambled egg and a little salad. Did you know about brioches? Let me tell you, brioches is highly enriched bread (from French), used high egg and butter content to give a rich and tender crumb. Hmm, you can also put blackpepper there! 

Have you ever hear about lava cake? Hmm, this dessert was like lava when you cut it. Warm Chocolate Cake is a baked chocolate lava cake, topped with vanilla ice cream and with orange confit, strawberry as it garnish. Perfect match, you can taste the sour and sweet from orange, strawberry and vanilla ice cream.

A little different, I've chose this drinks, Lavender Violet Lime - they said, this drink is their favorite. What do you think about lavender? Anti-mosquito, isn't it? Haha. When I try to drink, I smell it first - nice, but the taste really like a lavender, fresh and sweet, not like what I've imagine previously. You'll got a 'newest' taste in it! :)

The newest drinks menu, drinks with macarons. I just choose Blue Passion Macaron, this is their favorite flavor. The color looks bright and don't worry - it wasn't an alcohol drinks. It used syrup, soda and iced! Really fresh. For another macarons drinks, such as Hazelnut Macaron, Chocolate macaron and etc. And for the macarons used here is not for sale, so this is different to the usual. So, don't forget to try this!

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Jl. Boulevard Gading Serpong
Summarecon Mal Serpong 2, Downtown Walk - Ground Floor
Business Hour : 10.00 - 22.00
Phone : (021) 2931 0576
Website :

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