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One of the latest places to hang out in Kemang, South Jakarta is indeed specialize in foods and beverages that contain alcohol, ALCOHOLICS BAR & GRILL which has a motto "The only place where you can 'EAT' alcohol." It was presenting a whole new concept of dining experience, from the love of food and alcoholic drinks married with dreams and hard work.

When you enter this place, you will be greeted with a bar and open kitchen where food and drinks are provided. If you love to see the bartender, you can take a seat here and looking for them. FYI, this place has 3 floors but only the first and the second floor are used.

Let's go to the second floor! When you wanna go up to the second floor, you can see the kitchen - where the food was made, then presented. This kitchen is not too extensive, but can serve exceptional cuisine!

This is the environment of the second floor. This place is larger than the first floor. Overall, this place may seem narrow. However, it's very suitable as a place for those who truly know about alcohol. This interior is dominated with white and black color. Warm and cozy place for chilling out!

And we were on the second floor, has presented a fairly refreshing drinks, iced tea lychee. This drinks like lychee iced tea in general, with the aroma of lychees and tea served with fruit as a sweetener.

Guinness Mini Burger (IDR 55.000) - 5 bite size full stack hamburgers, beef patty made using prime Australian minced beef infused with Guinness Stout. These burgers are delicious and juicy little buggers indeed, and also served with french fries as complementary menu.

Drunken Mexican (IDR 45.000) is chicken and corona cheese quesadilla with diced jalapeño. These foods should be eaten immediately, while still warm. And it was presented with 3 kinds of sauces to suit your preferences (mayonnaise, BBQ and avocado). FYI, Jalapeno or Chile Gordo in commonly called, is a kind of medium-sized chilli pepper known for its spiciness.

Southern Comfort (IDR 88.000) is a home-made Southern Comfort BBQ Sauce, Guinness meatballs, mozzarella, onion, capsicum and jalapeño. This pizza bread served thin, so that it becomes crisp, very tasty when paired with a tantalizing pizza contents. And also it is freshly made using alcoholics famous beer and herbs mix. 

Beer Can Chicken (IDR 198.000) is Alcoholics' Signature Dish. Beer steaming rottieserrie whole chicken, served with generous amount of chips and salad. One portion can be eaten by 4 people. This course is required 90 minutes cooking time. If you want to order this course, it's advisable to phone the Alcoholics Bar & Grill, so you don't have to wait long for the delicious one. The chicken looks great but seemed afraid to eat. But if you tasted it, it's very tempting, especially for the outer flavored. But for the meat, a bit tasteless, because it should be dipped into the sauce that comes from 'sweat' chicken when grilled.
And don't be afraid how to cut into pieces, the waitress will cut it in front of you, so you can see the process and it's ready to eat! HAP!

Jack Daniel's Baby Back Ribs (IDR 258.000/Full Slab & IDR 148.000/Half Slab) is a Prime Australian baby back ribs grilled with their home-made Jack Daniel's BBQ sauce, served with generous amount of chips. When the meat goes into your mouth, feels like in heaven. The meat was quite tender, juicy and seasonings.

Strawberry Sorbet, I got this for free. It was like a strawberry ice cream but different in texture. If I'm not wrong, it was made from strawberry and a little lime juice, giving slightly sour refreshing taste. This is also my favorite dessert.

Champagne Jelly, is the favorite 'shot' here. It was a jelly made from champagne. The taste is quite soft, sweet and fresh. Can't describe how much I love this champagne jelly. As told by the manager of Alcoholics Bar & Grill, that there was Balinese who willingly come here just to try this and in the afternoon he returned again to Bali.

Apple Cider, free for the last! For you who love vodka and alcohols, it's a must for you to try. It was mixed with vodka, apple tonic, apple juice and apple syrup. It served cold, so fresh! 


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