Saturday, April 20, 2013


One of the latest places to hang out in Kemang, South Jakarta is indeed specialize in foods and beverages that contain alcohol, ALCOHOLICS BAR & GRILL which has a motto "The only place where you can 'EAT' alcohol." It was presenting a whole new concept of dining experience, from the love of food and alcoholic drinks married with dreams and hard work.

When you enter this place, you will be greeted with a bar and open kitchen where food and drinks are provided. If you love to see the bartender, you can take a seat here and looking for them. FYI, this place has 3 floors but only the first and the second floor are used.

Let's go to the second floor! When you wanna go up to the second floor, you can see the kitchen - where the food was made, then presented. This kitchen is not too extensive, but can serve exceptional cuisine!

This is the environment of the second floor. This place is larger than the first floor. Overall, this place may seem narrow. However, it's very suitable as a place for those who truly know about alcohol. This interior is dominated with white and black color. Warm and cozy place for chilling out!

And we were on the second floor, has presented a fairly refreshing drinks, iced tea lychee. This drinks like lychee iced tea in general, with the aroma of lychees and tea served with fruit as a sweetener.

Guinness Mini Burger (IDR 55.000) - 5 bite size full stack hamburgers, beef patty made using prime Australian minced beef infused with Guinness Stout. These burgers are delicious and juicy little buggers indeed, and also served with french fries as complementary menu.

Drunken Mexican (IDR 45.000) is chicken and corona cheese quesadilla with diced jalapeño. These foods should be eaten immediately, while still warm. And it was presented with 3 kinds of sauces to suit your preferences (mayonnaise, BBQ and avocado). FYI, Jalapeno or Chile Gordo in commonly called, is a kind of medium-sized chilli pepper known for its spiciness.

Southern Comfort (IDR 88.000) is a home-made Southern Comfort BBQ Sauce, Guinness meatballs, mozzarella, onion, capsicum and jalapeño. This pizza bread served thin, so that it becomes crisp, very tasty when paired with a tantalizing pizza contents. And also it is freshly made using alcoholics famous beer and herbs mix. 

Beer Can Chicken (IDR 198.000) is Alcoholics' Signature Dish. Beer steaming rottieserrie whole chicken, served with generous amount of chips and salad. One portion can be eaten by 4 people. This course is required 90 minutes cooking time. If you want to order this course, it's advisable to phone the Alcoholics Bar & Grill, so you don't have to wait long for the delicious one. The chicken looks great but seemed afraid to eat. But if you tasted it, it's very tempting, especially for the outer flavored. But for the meat, a bit tasteless, because it should be dipped into the sauce that comes from 'sweat' chicken when grilled.
And don't be afraid how to cut into pieces, the waitress will cut it in front of you, so you can see the process and it's ready to eat! HAP!

Jack Daniel's Baby Back Ribs (IDR 258.000/Full Slab & IDR 148.000/Half Slab) is a Prime Australian baby back ribs grilled with their home-made Jack Daniel's BBQ sauce, served with generous amount of chips. When the meat goes into your mouth, feels like in heaven. The meat was quite tender, juicy and seasonings.

Strawberry Sorbet, I got this for free. It was like a strawberry ice cream but different in texture. If I'm not wrong, it was made from strawberry and a little lime juice, giving slightly sour refreshing taste. This is also my favorite dessert.

Champagne Jelly, is the favorite 'shot' here. It was a jelly made from champagne. The taste is quite soft, sweet and fresh. Can't describe how much I love this champagne jelly. As told by the manager of Alcoholics Bar & Grill, that there was Balinese who willingly come here just to try this and in the afternoon he returned again to Bali.

Apple Cider, free for the last! For you who love vodka and alcohols, it's a must for you to try. It was mixed with vodka, apple tonic, apple juice and apple syrup. It served cold, so fresh! 


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Phone : (021) 719 5675
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McCow Steak, is a new-comer restaurant since the beginning of 2012. First of all, the owner and his wife wanted to open their own business, which finally has opened this restaurant. The idea to build this restaurant started from their works before, in a well-known food company in Indonesia.

Some things that you should know about McCow is the meat used here may be can't said to be 100% authentic from australia, because it is derived from beef cattle australia, but the cattle bred in Indonesia (so there is little difference in the cows' treatment).

Are you ready for having lunch here? Here we go, let me tell you!

Welcome! This is the environment of McCowSteak Restaurant. This place is divided into three areas : non-smoking area (first floor), smoking area (second floor) and kitchen (third floor). The second floor is larger than the first floor so it can be used for reunion, event, etc and more private place.

McCow Salad, I got this for free - or you can called this as appetizer. This is a fruit salad, why is this presented to the usual vegetable salad that is served? The restaurant owner said "Maybe if vegetables salad are usually served, because here was different, it presented a fruit salad". IMHO, I think this salad would be yummy if it served cold.

First dish, Medallion Steak (IDR 65.000) is a wagyu secondary cut, because of secondary cut - that's why the price is cheaper. This steak is served with brown sauce and french fries as the side dish. Medallion Steak is the favorite meat here, because the texture is soft and juicy. You should try this, don't miss it!

Second dish, Sirloin Steak with Mashed Potatoes (IDR 52.000) is an Australian Beef and there was fat. So, don't worry for getting fat ya, hehe. This steak is served with mushroom sauce and mashed potatoes as the side dish. This isn't soft as medallion steak, but don't be surprised, a lot of people like this kind of meat.

Another dish, Sirloin Steak with Baby Herbs (IDR 52.000), is served with black pepper sauce and baby herbs as the side dish (baby potatoes-flavored, there is a slight herbal aroma). FYI, this meat preferred as a sirloin steak because there is a layer of fat that lies on the "outside" slices.

The last menu, Gado-Gado Siram (IDR 15.000), is an Indonesian Food - a la Surabaya, which is consist of rice cake (lontong), bean sprouts, lettuce, tofu (tahu), tempeh, long beans (kacang panjang), potatoes, crackers / chips (kerupuk / emping) then smeared with peanut sauce.


- Tenderloin (180 gr) IDR 70.000
- Sirloin (200 gr) IDR 52.000
- Rib-eye (200 gr) IDR 58.000
- Medallion (200gr) IDR 65.000
- Chicken Steak IDR 40.000

- French Fries
- Mashed Potatoes
- Baby Herbs

- Brown Sauce
- Black pepper Sauce
- BBQ Sauce
- Mushroom Sauce


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Jl. Pahlawan Seribu Block B No. 16 - BSD City
Phone : (021) 531 64 570
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Saturday, April 13, 2013


Did you know about Starbucks? Starbucks is named after the first mate in Herman Melville’s Moby Dick. Their logo is also inspired by the sea – featuring a twin‐tailed siren from Greek mythology.

Starbucks is the most popular coffee shop everywhere. Many people come here to relax and indulge with coffee at this cafe, perhaps because they have a good-quality service so that the costumer feel comfortable to come back here again. And the most Starbucks barista was young - teenager - adults, one of them is my friend, Tika. She's been working here long enough and she also made ​​me a glass of Asian Dolce Latte. Thanks Tika! :)

Here it is, the new item from Starbucks! Yeay! Maybe I was late for posting about this, but I've visited the store on the next day after this drinks has been launched. Here we go!

Asian Dolce Latte, inspired by Asia - created by Starbucks.   Because I came here at night, so I've ordered the hot as the barista said the hot one is better. This drinks was consist of double shots espresso, steamed milk and can be topped with espresso whipped cream and a dusting of espresso powder.

And because I like the cold drinks, eventually I also ordered for the cold one, as good as the hot! When I've bought the cold Asian Dolce Latte, I can looked for the coffee layers, like 'ombre' HAHA. Hmm, it was consist of double shots Starbucks espresso, steamed milk and dolce sauce (a blend of different milk that adds a smooth and rich velvety texture) and also can be topped with espresso whipped cream and a dusting of espresso and chocolate powder.

The other drinks, Iced Caramel Macchiato and Iced Shaken Lemonade Passion Tea. Look at the left one! The caramel sauce is melted, yumm! Let me tell you a little about those drinks! 

For the Iced Caramel Macchiato, was the signature espresso, made by Starbucks. It was consist of a creamy mix of vanilla syrup and cold milk poured over ice it’s then topped with our proprietary buttery caramel sauce. As I know, macchiato simply means “marked” or “stained” in Italian. In the case of caffè macchiato, this means literally “espresso marked with milk.”

And for the Lemonade Passion Tea, was consist of passion tea and lemonade, the taste more sour but fresh! Perfect for the sunny day like Jakarta, hehe.

For those who like sweet or beverage ordered tasted less sweet, they can take and add the sugar into their drinks. Here, there are 2 kinds of sugar, white sugar and brown sugar which available on each store.

Toppings! You can choose and add some additional toppings here, such as cinnamon, vanilla and chocolate powder. This powder is usually added according to personal preference. There may be who like the smell of cinnamon / vanilla / chocolate, then it can be added to your drinks.


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Tuesday, April 9, 2013


- - -   Bitter(sweet)   - - -

Today, I just got an invitation for gathering with OpenRice at Alcoholic Bar, Kemang. Before going there, I stopped at Plaza Senayan, waiting for my friends, his name is Sata - almost 2 hours. Haha. I've walked around and get bored because nothing to do, alone.

Then I decided to have a coffee while waiting for him and spend the time. Here I go, Monolog Cafe. The sweet and warm place to relax, sit on the sofa - playing with my iPad then I've ordered a cold cafe latte (with caramel flavor) and creme vanilla choux. Sweet treats! 

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Sunday, April 7, 2013


Gio Vanese is an Italian and Mexican Dining, the only one Italian and Mexican restaurant around Karawaci. So, if you wanna eat Italian or Mexico cuisine, don't have far to go to their places of origin. Now, it can be found in Karawaci area, or also in Gancaria City, Jakarta.

The decoration is unique and simple. The left one, looks like unfinished building - bricks for the wall, and there are some paintings and water faucet as the decoration, nice idea. And for the right one, looks so 'dark' but you can play with it, it just for decoration, feels like wanna play the game, right? Haha.

Come in and take a seat. Looking around, everything is neat - because this restaurant can be called as a casual dining restaurant. So, everything should look like this, to give the comfort's impression for the customer. Hmm, just wanna tell you, this restaurant is separated 2 areas as usual : smoking area and non-smoking area. Feel free to take a seat here! 

The Gio Vanese's Interior. Looks clean and neat! Of course YA! They arrange it neatly. Almost all of the interior here is made of wood, thus giving the impression of a classic and comfortable, like home. As my opinion, this place is perfect for gathering with friends or family.

This is Gio Vanese's Menu Book!

Grilled Red Snapper (IDR 85.000) is the recommendation dish for main course category. This dish is served with spaghetti aglio olio with lemon-caper sauce, seasonal vegetables as the side dishes and also grilled red snapper there! This aglio olio isn't spicy, so don't be afraid of spiciness hehe. And for the red snapper, it was cooked well - but lemon-craper less taste, for its sauce.

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Leg (IDR 70.000) is also the recommendation dish for their main course. This dish is served with pepper-barbecued sauce, mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables as the side dishes. Look at the picture above, the chicken is wrapped with bacon, maybe for 6 pieces (the size is not too big, but it will make you feel full!) then it will be covered by pepper-barbecued sauce at the top. Juicy and savory, such a nice choice for your dinner! 

Coca-Cola (IDR 20.000) and Kiwi Melon Iced Tea (IDR 25.000) are our choice for the last. The simple one for us. I think you already know about Coca-Cola, isn't it? Haha. Now, I wanna explain a little about Kiwi Melon. Hmm, when this drink was served, I was confused, why is there no melon and kiwi? I tasted it then, this drink only contains melon and kiwi flavors (but the fruits didn't include as a 'sweetener'). The taste is light but still fresh.

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Supermal Karawaci, LG #EE3A (East Lobby)
Jl. Boulevard Diponegoro 105 - Karawaci
Phone : (021) 5422 0560
Cuisine : Mexican, Italian

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Kedai Gentong is founded at 2007. As I know, they started this business from carts and now they already have some cafe around Jakarta. At first, they only provide ice cream in three flavors, such as durian, chocolate and jackfruits.

Walking around at this mall with mom on the hot day, we're looking for something fresh and cold. And suddenly, we looked at Kedai Gentong Cafe. So, we stopped here and grab a light snacks. It looked something local and feels like back in time! So nostalgic!

Look at the barrel! It was full of party cups ice cream! It's time for you to choose! They've some flavors : brownies, chocholate, green tea, durian, coffee, jackfruit, oreo, strawberry, vanilla and avocado. 

In my opinion, it was a small ice cream shop with offering limited set of ice cream-based dessert and pre-package to takeaways. But, you still feel like back to earlier times.

When you walk into the cafe, you will feel comfortable because this cafe is made like home. The sofa was made in colorful ways and the table was made from wood with traditional game images on it (anyway, I forgot the game's name, haha). Like back to your childhood! :)

Mini Cold Dog (IDR 18.000) is the uniqueness from Kedai Gentong. Why say mini? Because this bread is small, just as they're used for hotdog - just different in size. This mini cold dog is served with one scoop ice cream (you can choose for the flavors) and also melted chocolate (looks alike a chocolate syrup) and chopped nuts on top.

This is the same dessert, only different in flavors. This is durian flavor! Looks so plain, isn't it? Ya, because for this snacks, it didn't use melted chocolate and chopped nuts for the topping. Feel the original! :)

The ice cream are available to takeaways and can hold up to approximately 2 hours outside the fridge. You don't need to worry, when you want to takeaways, this ice cream will be inserted into an aluminum foil container filled with dry ice. So I bought some party cups of different flavors.



- Party Cup (IDR 13.500)
- Regular Cup (IDR 15.500)
- Large Cup (IDR 59.500)

- Big Cup (IDR 19.000) - 2 flavors
- Cone (IDR 18.000)


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Thursday, April 4, 2013


Bakerzin is a member from Boga Food Service, as grow as a brand, they have become more passionate about what they do and more focused on meeting and surpassing the demands of their customers. 

Indirectly our minds focused to breads and cakes, when we hear about Bakerzin. I could say yes! They sell various breads and cakes. Do you want to know it more?

Okay, let me explain to you. Ready to go inside? Here we go! :)

When you came here, you'll look a giant typo of Bakerzin. Beside that, you can see the interior directly, because there's no wall - only glass as their boundary. Oh ya, this place is separated in two areas as usual, smoking area and non-smoking area.

We're inside now! You'll feel the calm and relax atmosphere here. Maybe it caused by the designed and the environment around here, homey - with beige and light brown as their decoration and stuffs. When you sit inside, you'll see a little kitchen beside you, a place for making our drinks.

Here's the menu book! Idk why, how much I love this menu - the design and food photography.

The little sweet things, called macarons. I just bought 3 pieces, because my favorite flavor is out of order. So, I just choose Red Velvet (red color), Hazelnut (brown color), Coffee + White Coffee (black and white color).

Whoa! This is my favorite dish, Brioches with Smoked Salmon. Such a big portion, isn't it? Hehe. This dish was consist of 2 pieces brioches, some slices of salmon, scrambled egg and a little salad. Did you know about brioches? Let me tell you, brioches is highly enriched bread (from French), used high egg and butter content to give a rich and tender crumb. Hmm, you can also put blackpepper there! 

Have you ever hear about lava cake? Hmm, this dessert was like lava when you cut it. Warm Chocolate Cake is a baked chocolate lava cake, topped with vanilla ice cream and with orange confit, strawberry as it garnish. Perfect match, you can taste the sour and sweet from orange, strawberry and vanilla ice cream.

A little different, I've chose this drinks, Lavender Violet Lime - they said, this drink is their favorite. What do you think about lavender? Anti-mosquito, isn't it? Haha. When I try to drink, I smell it first - nice, but the taste really like a lavender, fresh and sweet, not like what I've imagine previously. You'll got a 'newest' taste in it! :)

The newest drinks menu, drinks with macarons. I just choose Blue Passion Macaron, this is their favorite flavor. The color looks bright and don't worry - it wasn't an alcohol drinks. It used syrup, soda and iced! Really fresh. For another macarons drinks, such as Hazelnut Macaron, Chocolate macaron and etc. And for the macarons used here is not for sale, so this is different to the usual. So, don't forget to try this!

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