Saturday, March 23, 2013


For the first time, I came here and try to be a vegetarian. Haha. What's on my mind when I heard about vegetarian house, I thought there's only vegetables were served. But, in fact, it wasn't - I had wrong perception about vegetarian house. Haha.

WH vegetarian restaurant is a special vegetarian restaurant. All meal in the restaurant don't contain meat, seafood and all kinds of onion and garlic. They specialize in Indonesian Cuisine. WH vegetarian share the tradition of healthful delicacies with the fines and freshest ingredient. 

The environment here looks neat and clean, dominated with white color, because that's called "WH- White House". In here, all menu divided in some parts :
  • Appetizer (IDR 15.000) - French Fries, Crispy Mushroom, Go Hiong, Fried Salty Fish, Lumpia, Risol, Batagor, etc.
  • Main Course (IDR 28.000) - Krecek, Udang Sambal Bali, Sop Tom Yum, Sop Wonton, Sate Padang, Mie Ayam,  Ayam Rica, Soto Madura, etc.
  • Main Course (IDR 30.000) - Nasi Kari Malaysia, Nasi Goreng Thailand, Tongseng Kambing, Udang Mayo, Laksa, Ifumie.
  • Main Course (IDR 35.000) - Chicken Cordon Bleu, Nasi Kebuli, Nasi Goreng Keju, Nasi Kari Katsu, Fu Yung Hai, Nasi Bandeng Bakar.

Soto Tangkar (IDR 28.000) is one of the specialties menu. It's a mix of coconut milk, lamb (vegetarian), potatoes and tomatoes. The lamb texture is really similar like the original. Don't worry, there's no meat here. But the taste of sauce had a bit different, maybe because there's no element of garlic nor meat here.

Nasi Kari Jepang (IDR 28.000) is another vegetarian food. Looks like a real curry! But it wasn't meat, idk how they made this things - looks like the real one. The taste of curry sauce is very savory and tasty, I really love it! 

As usual, iced sweet tea and iced lemon tea are chosen for our drinks. The simple one. Hehe.

Are you ready enough for being a vegetarian?

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Ruko Flourite No. 78 - Gading Serpong
Business Hour : 10.00 - 21.00
Phone : (021) 542 20 477
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Twitter : @wh_veg

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