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Sunny Side Up Restaurant was born out of vision shared by people who just love eggs. The core idea is the simplicity of the product, eggs are healthy, simple, and quick to make. They serve you a fresh and healthy eggs. As I know, they used Arabian Eggs, seen from a different color egg yolks with egg normally, the color looks more orange. Arabian eggs is less cholesterol, high betacaroten, free salmonella & ecoli bactery, anti allergic and also certificated from DINKEN and MUI.

The environment of Sunny Side Up. Looks so neat and clean. This place is separated into two areas : indoor (non-smoking room) and outdoor (smoking room). Orange and white are their dominated color, maybe inspired from 'the egg'. And there's also some knick knacks about chicken and egg. Comfort!

Broccoli Crab Sauce (IDR 32.000) is chosen for my brunch. An organic broccoli and three poached eggs served with crab sauce. Look as simple as its taste. A little bit plain, maybe because this is a healthy food, so less salt. But you can added some salt and pepper as you need.

Another dish, Egg and Hash Brown (IDR 32.000) is scrambled eggs served with hash brown and two pieces of tiny cheesy sausages. I always order this dish every time I came here. Really worth and you'll feel full as a goog! 

Here it is, called Breakfast Set Menu, Omelette (IDR 46.500) is a choice of three ingredients (mushroom, beef bacon, cheese, chicken, sausage) which is served with tomato egg, whole bread, butter and sautéed vegetables. Oh ya, you can also make your own omelette! Just choose it : Basic Omelette / White Basic Omelette with 2 side dishes (sautéed vegetables and french fries or mashed potatoes) and add 3 toppings (cheese, mushroom, prawn, squid, crabstick, bacon, salmon, etc) and don't forget to try their extra! (single beef bacon, single hash brown, single mashed potatoes and single sausage).

The hottest dish,  Napoletan Egg Hotplate (IDR 31.500) is served spicy and hot! What do you, eh? A combination between hot and spicy? Oh, my goodness! It will make your tongue 'burn'! But for those who like spicy, this is very recommended for you. It was consist of carrot, potatoes, red beans (maybe) and topped with poached eggs. Let's get hot! 

Another main course, Chicken Cordon Bleu - is a breast chicken with cheese and smoked beef on it, served with sautéed vegetables and french fries. When you cut it into two part, will come out melted cheese! Sluurp, drooling! 

The perfect dish for me, Personal Egg Bacon - a small portion because it's enjoyed personally. But don't worry, there is also a larger portion sizes and can be enjoyed together. And you can also ask for the ripeness of the eggs, such as a quarter or a half-ripe. 

White Yolk Juice (IDR 26.000), a special drink, your protein supplement is here. Available with some flavor, like Banana Milk, Cappucino, Chocolate, Strawberry, etc. But White Yolk Banana Milk is my favorite. But don't worry, this drink doesn't smell stench though containing eggs. So, you can enjoy with it!

FYI, you can bring home their Arabian Eggs, one package containing of 6 eggs at IDR 15.000. Keep healthy!

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