Sunday, March 10, 2013


The new concept here, really different than previous concept. For now, Dante Coffee Shop into a store with Miki Ojisan No Mise (Fresh Cheese Cake Store). The concept used by Dante Coffee, is one of the concepts that were hits in recent years. This place looks larger and cozy!

At the cashier, you will look many bottles there, called it MONIN Syrup Flavors, as I know it came from America with a lot of flavors are available and Dante used MONIN for their menu. Nice choice, I thought! Hehe.

Another spot, another MONIN! Haha. Bottles again and again! But there's also some quotes for coffee and tea lovers at some boxes there. Hehe.

This is for my lunch! Battered Fish Salsa (IDR 44.000) what do you think? very tempting, eh?? Of course ya! It was consist of fish katsu laid on top pieces of onions, tomatoes and chillies cayenne. Later on it sown more pieces of tomato and mayonnaise. And there was four slices of fried potatoes as the side dish.

Red Eye (IDR 35.000) is the favorite mocktails here. It consist of red syrup, a little milk, small pieces of strawberry with soda water, and there's also two lychee pierced and filled with strawberry pieces on the top. Very suitable for drinking during the day, when a mix of sweet and sour produced by syrup and strawberry. It will fresh your mind!

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Summarecon Mal Serpong 1
Ground Floor - Downtown Walk #19
Jl. Boulevard Gading Serpong

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