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Direct from the shores of Japan, Chin-Ma-Ya of Tokyo brings to the other side of the Pacific Ocean the delicate flavors of casual Japanese cuisine masterfully blended with the distinctively spicy flavor of Sichuan cooking. The very first Chin-Ma-Ya restaurant opened its doors in Gotanda, Tokyo in 2004 and before long, the addictive dishes had the locals lining up to experience the famed tasty and spicy sensation. Currently there are over 100 locations throughout Japan and that number continues to grow. (

This is a Japanese Ramen Restaurant, located in the area of Gading Serpong, Tangerang. You'll find this place easily, this restaurant is located at SPBU Pertamina (which direct to Mitra10 / Campus UMN). The logo was big and the color was red, so it'll make you easier.

This is the menu book's cover!

At the table, you'll see the newest menu from Chin-Ma-Ya (Hiyashi Tan-Tan Men, Hiyashi Chuka, Chicken Karage Don and Katsu Don). For all of its menu prices are really affordable. You should try! 

The environment from Chin-Ma-Ya, really comfort and cozy!

Chin Ma Men - Soy Based Soup Noodle with Chin-Ma-Ya Style Mapo Tofu (IDR 20.000/Small - IDR 30.000/Regular), ramen served with tofu and spicy enough Chin-Ma-Ya's sauce. From the picture above, appears there was pieces of cayenne pepper. Chin Ma Men is perfect for those who love to eat spicy.

Tonkotsu Ramen - Rich Pork Soup Noodle (IDR 20.000/Small - IDR 30.000/Regular), this ramen may look plain, but the taste wasn't plain as the presentation. Tonkotsu Ramen is served with half-boiled eggs and there are also 2 slices of pork (portions of eggs and pork will be more if you order the regular size), then at the top was given some vegetables and scallions.

Gekikara Tonkotsu - Spicy Pork Soup Noodle (IDR 25.000/Small - IDR 35.000/Regular), this ramen like the previous ramen, the difference is being spicy. Gekikara Tonkotsu was spicy enough to make your tongue feel HOT. Haha. Seen from the presentation, there are also slices of chili powder and cayenne pepper. It was very suitable for spicy food lovers.

Oh ya, for the drinks, I just ordered Cold Ocha (IDR 10.000) and free refill. 

Slurp your ramen and smile!

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CHIN-MA-YA Restaurant
Jl. Boulevard Gading Serpong, SPBU Pertamina
CBD Paramount Serpong Block B4 No. 40
Telp : (021) 290 010 65

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