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Pancious is a casual dining restaurant who is dedicated to bring you the best and value-for-money pancake experience. Because whoever you are, whether you’re young or grown-up, a food adventurer or a settler for familiar taste, you must’ve had at least one pancake experience in your life. Pancake, comes in different names, tastes, toppings and variations. But this delicacy shares one thing in common: Loved and savored by everybody from every part of the world. (

Looks! Many people here and looks so crowded, right? Absolutely right, because I just came here on Sunday! Haha. The interior are dominated with white and red color, based on their logo. Hmm, this place is divided into 3 areas : Indoor (non-smoking area), Outdoor (smoking area), and a small 'closed' places - looks more private and not so noisy there.

The red book, very catchy, you can called it pancakes bible! You'll find may kinds of pancakes, pasta, drinks, etc on it. So, don't waste your time and pick some menu!

Nachos with Beef Bacon (IDR 46.500) is a plate of nachos which is served with beef bacon and also BBQ & cheese sauce on top. Such a guilty pleasure! Haha. Oh ya, nachos are a popular food based on corn, a Mexican snacks.

Pancious Special (IDR 27.000) is a pancake with one scoop chocolate homemade ice cream on top and served with butter and maple syrup. Hmmm!

Oreo Cheese (IDR 34.500) is a pancake with one scoop vanilla homemade ice cream and covered with cheese and chocolate fudge, then crushed oreo biscuits. Drooling!

Almond (IDR 32.500) is a waffle with one scoop vanilla homemade ice cream, covered with white chocolate sauce and sprinkled with almonds. Temptation!

Caramelized Banana (IDR 33.500) is a pancake with one scoop vanilla homemade ice cream and placed some slices of caramelized banana at the top, then covered with caramel syrup. Sweetness!

Orange Suzette (IDR 40.500) is a crepes cake with one scoop chocolate homemade ice cream at the top, covered with orange sauce and sprinkled with orange zest. And there's also some pieces of sweet orange. Sweet and sour mixed into one!

Virgin Mojito is a cold drinks mixed with soda, mint leaves and lemonade. You'll got the real fresh!

Green Apple Ice Tea (IDR 27.500) is an iced tea, mixed with apple syrup and there's some slices of red apple and mint leaves. Sweety fresh!

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