Sunday, March 24, 2013


From the outside, already like a barn yet? Are you curious
Let's through the inside!

Happy 4th Anniversary for Nanny's Pavillon Barn! There's available some special menu : Walnut Breadcrumb Spaghetti (IDR 50.000), Passion Fruit Lime Sorbet (IDR 28.000) and Mini Spring Burger Pancake (IDR 55.000), a unique burger which is use pancake not buns for the burgers! 

This is the promo, you'll see it in many corners of this barn! 

The environment here is made looks alike barn, dominated with woods for the interior and also decorated with barn stuff, like barrel for chairs, wheels for decorating the wall, vat milks, etc. When you come into this restaurant, you'll feel the atmosphere like in the real barn.

This is it, the newest menu in here. Only available on "So Happy Together 4th Anniversary" Promo (1 March - 30 April 2013). I've ordered Walnut Breadcrumb Spaghetti (IDR 50.000) is a premium spaghetti tossed with crunchy walnut, topped with herbs feta cheese and served with poached egg. Simply sophisticated for pasta lovers. FYI, breadcrumbs is a small particles of dry bread (make it crunch & crisp on your food). 

Bryce's Chicken Baked Rice (IDR 45.000) is rice served with chicken and special homemade brown sauce with melted mozzarella cheese on top. Very savory and make you drool! Haha. Oh ya, don't worry! This kind of baked rice can be served with chicken, beef, tuna and sausage. Choose one and wait until it presented! 

Here we go! Melonade vs Lemonade, confused? haha. Let me explain it a little, Melonade (IDR 25.000) is a melon juice mixed with soda. And for the right one is Mint Lemonade (IDR 25.000), should I explain it? Hmm, it's a soda with mint flavor and mixed with mint leaves on it. Real fresh!

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