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Another gathering and food tasting with OpenRicers, which held on March 1st, 2013 at Gins Co. Cafe. This cafe is located at CNI Building, Puri Indah (West Jakarta). The reason why it was given the name, Gins Co. because their main product is ginseng. FYI, CNI is a company based on health products.

When I came here, there so many dishes! Let me explain to you! Keep calm and ready..... Here we go!

Blue Moscow (IDR 29.000) consist of peach, lychee and strawberry which is served with soda and their blue syrup. Feel so fresh! You will feel addicted to this, for sure. This drink is also garnished by lemon shaped like a smile emoticon and there are also green in the rim of the glass, such as sugar.

Other refreshment, Red Cherry (IDR 28.000) consist of peach, lychee and cherry which is served with soda and their red syrupThis drink is also garnished by strawberry shaped like a flower and there are also green in the rim of the glass, such as sugar.

This is a recommended drinks by Gins Co. Cafe, Hyper Berry Blast (IDR 35.000), mixture of five kinds of berries with mint leaves at the top. By judging the color anyway, hmm not so tempting. But this is quite different from how it looks. It feels very fresh and tasty! I've never felt this before. This must be tried! 

The left one is Veggie Fit (IDR 25.000), a mix vegetable juice - garnished with two red cherries. And for the right one is Avocado Float (IDR 32.000), is an avocado juice added with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and choco chips sprinkled on top. The uniqueness of this drink is served with a shot of espresso. Avocado with espresso, what do you thing, uh? According to the description of the waitresses here, avocado already has a strong flavor, mixed with espresso if you wanna have the taste of coffee in your drink. And she said, avocado juice isn't always sweet then it was added with vanilla ice cream.

Mushroom Stuffed Ball (IDR 29.000), was first presented and also a recommendation dish. One portion is consist of nine pieces and dipped with mustard mayonnaise. On the inside of these foods are mushrooms and minced meat wrapped in flour then fried.

The next dish, Onion Ring (IDR 25.000). This food looks delicious and crisp, but when eaten it, the taste was salty and too crisp (a little bit hard to bite and cut), may be due to fried too long or because kind of the flour.

Indonesian Food, Nasi Goreng Kampoeng (IDR 30.000). This is also the other recommended foods. This portion consists of fried rice mixed with pieces of carrot and tasted a little spicy and fried chicken are also served with chilies. Less savory, for me. Hehe.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio (IDR 27.000) served with sliced ​​meat with a very strong of garlic aroma. A spicy pasta, for sure!

A recommendation pasta, Spaghetti Carbonara (IDR 29.000), looks so creamy! Don't worry about getting fat! Haha. This pasta served with sliced meat and mushroom.

Fried Calamari (IDR 29.000), served with french fries and dipped with mayonnaise. This calamari was crisp and soft.

Another recommendation dish, Fish and Chips (IDR 43.000), served with french fries and dipped with mayonnaise. The fish was soft and crisp for the outside, John Dory fish was used for this.

The last dish, fuuuh! Chicken Cordon Bleu (IDR 43.000), served in barbecue sauce with french fries and vegetables as the side dishes. Smoked beef and cheese was wrapped by chicken breast then fried. Feels so crisp and the melting cheese looks hmm....

Happy tasting and take your time to come here! :)

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