Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Bene Ristorante is a first cafe with Italian atmosphere and also the first cafe which provide pizza at Living World, Alam Sutera. You can only find pizza and some Italian food here. Bene Ristorante also hold a soft opening promo, because this cafe opened since March 18th, 2013. You'll get a discount of 15% for all menus.

This is a menu book of Bene Ristorante, they said this is only temporary book menu during the Soft Opening Promo.

This is the environment of Bene Ristorante, full of green and red. Green for its chair and red for its sofa. This place is perfect for relaxing, chatting or chill out. Oh yeah, close to the cafe, there is a small stage for live music on certain days only. So, you can enjoy with it while enjoying your meal.

Pettole is an irresistible delicacy typical of Apulia & Basilicata (fried dough balls) and also a Christmas treat according to legend were a gift to the poor from baby Jesus. That's just an information about pettole for you, but at Bene Ristorante, you'll get this for free during Soft Opening Promo. It feels like donuts as usual with a little different on the shape, petiole served with melted cheese as dip. FYI, there's also Gelato Pettole - served with a scoop of ice cream or you can asked for melted cheese as a dip, it also can be.

Salmon Con Podomori Secchi (IDR 40.000) is a fresh pasta tossed with a simple yet flavorful cream sauce of garlic, mushroom and Norwegian Salmon. Very tasty! You can also add cheese at the top of your meal.

Oaxaca Pizza, read : Wa-Ha-Ka (IDR 45.000 - single fighter), a Mexican Pizza which is made with slices of chicken, mole sauce (sauce originally used in Mexican cuisine), salsa, onion, green onion and plenty of Mexican style toppings. This is one of recommended pizza made by Bene Ristorante. Just info, there are available in 3 sizes of pizza - single fighter (small), fighter (medium) and party size (large). And the uniqueness, you can order a really big pizza which can reach one meter for its length. Can you imagine??

Grape Soda Ammenda (IDR 27.000) is a grape juice mixed with soda and there's a slice of lemon - make it fresh. This drink is served with a small glass of simple syrup, you can add it into your drink, if you think the drink less sweet.

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Living World, Alam Sutera
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