Sunday, March 31, 2013


Sunny Side Up Restaurant was born out of vision shared by people who just love eggs. The core idea is the simplicity of the product, eggs are healthy, simple, and quick to make. They serve you a fresh and healthy eggs. As I know, they used Arabian Eggs, seen from a different color egg yolks with egg normally, the color looks more orange. Arabian eggs is less cholesterol, high betacaroten, free salmonella & ecoli bactery, anti allergic and also certificated from DINKEN and MUI.

The environment of Sunny Side Up. Looks so neat and clean. This place is separated into two areas : indoor (non-smoking room) and outdoor (smoking room). Orange and white are their dominated color, maybe inspired from 'the egg'. And there's also some knick knacks about chicken and egg. Comfort!

Broccoli Crab Sauce (IDR 32.000) is chosen for my brunch. An organic broccoli and three poached eggs served with crab sauce. Look as simple as its taste. A little bit plain, maybe because this is a healthy food, so less salt. But you can added some salt and pepper as you need.

Another dish, Egg and Hash Brown (IDR 32.000) is scrambled eggs served with hash brown and two pieces of tiny cheesy sausages. I always order this dish every time I came here. Really worth and you'll feel full as a goog! 

Here it is, called Breakfast Set Menu, Omelette (IDR 46.500) is a choice of three ingredients (mushroom, beef bacon, cheese, chicken, sausage) which is served with tomato egg, whole bread, butter and sautéed vegetables. Oh ya, you can also make your own omelette! Just choose it : Basic Omelette / White Basic Omelette with 2 side dishes (sautéed vegetables and french fries or mashed potatoes) and add 3 toppings (cheese, mushroom, prawn, squid, crabstick, bacon, salmon, etc) and don't forget to try their extra! (single beef bacon, single hash brown, single mashed potatoes and single sausage).

The hottest dish,  Napoletan Egg Hotplate (IDR 31.500) is served spicy and hot! What do you, eh? A combination between hot and spicy? Oh, my goodness! It will make your tongue 'burn'! But for those who like spicy, this is very recommended for you. It was consist of carrot, potatoes, red beans (maybe) and topped with poached eggs. Let's get hot! 

Another main course, Chicken Cordon Bleu - is a breast chicken with cheese and smoked beef on it, served with sautéed vegetables and french fries. When you cut it into two part, will come out melted cheese! Sluurp, drooling! 

The perfect dish for me, Personal Egg Bacon - a small portion because it's enjoyed personally. But don't worry, there is also a larger portion sizes and can be enjoyed together. And you can also ask for the ripeness of the eggs, such as a quarter or a half-ripe. 

White Yolk Juice (IDR 26.000), a special drink, your protein supplement is here. Available with some flavor, like Banana Milk, Cappucino, Chocolate, Strawberry, etc. But White Yolk Banana Milk is my favorite. But don't worry, this drink doesn't smell stench though containing eggs. So, you can enjoy with it!

FYI, you can bring home their Arabian Eggs, one package containing of 6 eggs at IDR 15.000. Keep healthy!

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Thursday, March 28, 2013


Capitea is an authentic Taiwanese Bubble Tea and Eatery. It can be also regarded as a newcomer of bubble tea drink. They opened at PX Pavilion for the first time. And for now, they already have some branches around Jakarta. You can find it at Kelapa Gading, Mall of Indonesia and Pantai Indah Kapuk.

This is the environment of Capitea, very comfort, cozy and such a nice place to chill out. The decoration is dominated with wood and a combination with red, white & blue as their main color. This place is not too large, because many people come here for taking away. For the first time, you'll feel a little bit difficult to find this tea shop, because of its position a bit 'too deep', so it is not easily seen by visitors. But now, you can easily find it, there's a signage when you walk through it (near Tony Roma's).

Besides it tastes good and the service good and friendly, made ​​me love to come here again and again. Oh yeah, you can also collect stamp here, for every purchase of a drink will get one stamp. If you already get 10 stamps, you can  redeem the stamps and get one free drink, for regular size. 

Fish Ball (IDR 23.000) is one of Taiwanese Snacks, made by Capitea. One pack is consist of 8 fish balls with a medium size for each. Not only this snack is available, there's also Crispy Chicken Steak, Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken, Seafood Tempura and Sweet Potato Fries. All of that items are served in spicy level 0 - 3. Ready enough to get hot? Let's try!

Capital Milk Tea (IDR 20.000 - include 1 topping) is one of the signature bubble tea here, in the category Premium Milk Tea. Capital Milk Tea is my favorite flavor! I love the sweet boba, they had a soft, chewy and a little sweet boba. This is my favorite boba, as compared to other boba.

For the toppings, you can choose as you like :
- Sweet Boba
- Lychee Jelly
- Rainbow Jelly
- Rose Ai-Yu Jelly
- String Jelly
- Grass Jelly
- Egg Pudding
- Aloe Vera
- Basil Seeds

For the Sugar Level :
0% - 30% - 50% - 70%

For the Ice Level :
No Ice - Less Ice - Normal Ice - More Ice


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PX Pavilion @ The St. Moritz, 1st Floor # 11
Phone : (021) 712 668 50
Pin BB : 21674E84

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Pancious is a casual dining restaurant who is dedicated to bring you the best and value-for-money pancake experience. Because whoever you are, whether you’re young or grown-up, a food adventurer or a settler for familiar taste, you must’ve had at least one pancake experience in your life. Pancake, comes in different names, tastes, toppings and variations. But this delicacy shares one thing in common: Loved and savored by everybody from every part of the world. (

Looks! Many people here and looks so crowded, right? Absolutely right, because I just came here on Sunday! Haha. The interior are dominated with white and red color, based on their logo. Hmm, this place is divided into 3 areas : Indoor (non-smoking area), Outdoor (smoking area), and a small 'closed' places - looks more private and not so noisy there.

The red book, very catchy, you can called it pancakes bible! You'll find may kinds of pancakes, pasta, drinks, etc on it. So, don't waste your time and pick some menu!

Nachos with Beef Bacon (IDR 46.500) is a plate of nachos which is served with beef bacon and also BBQ & cheese sauce on top. Such a guilty pleasure! Haha. Oh ya, nachos are a popular food based on corn, a Mexican snacks.

Pancious Special (IDR 27.000) is a pancake with one scoop chocolate homemade ice cream on top and served with butter and maple syrup. Hmmm!

Oreo Cheese (IDR 34.500) is a pancake with one scoop vanilla homemade ice cream and covered with cheese and chocolate fudge, then crushed oreo biscuits. Drooling!

Almond (IDR 32.500) is a waffle with one scoop vanilla homemade ice cream, covered with white chocolate sauce and sprinkled with almonds. Temptation!

Caramelized Banana (IDR 33.500) is a pancake with one scoop vanilla homemade ice cream and placed some slices of caramelized banana at the top, then covered with caramel syrup. Sweetness!

Orange Suzette (IDR 40.500) is a crepes cake with one scoop chocolate homemade ice cream at the top, covered with orange sauce and sprinkled with orange zest. And there's also some pieces of sweet orange. Sweet and sour mixed into one!

Virgin Mojito is a cold drinks mixed with soda, mint leaves and lemonade. You'll got the real fresh!

Green Apple Ice Tea (IDR 27.500) is an iced tea, mixed with apple syrup and there's some slices of red apple and mint leaves. Sweety fresh!

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From the outside, already like a barn yet? Are you curious
Let's through the inside!

Happy 4th Anniversary for Nanny's Pavillon Barn! There's available some special menu : Walnut Breadcrumb Spaghetti (IDR 50.000), Passion Fruit Lime Sorbet (IDR 28.000) and Mini Spring Burger Pancake (IDR 55.000), a unique burger which is use pancake not buns for the burgers! 

This is the promo, you'll see it in many corners of this barn! 

The environment here is made looks alike barn, dominated with woods for the interior and also decorated with barn stuff, like barrel for chairs, wheels for decorating the wall, vat milks, etc. When you come into this restaurant, you'll feel the atmosphere like in the real barn.

This is it, the newest menu in here. Only available on "So Happy Together 4th Anniversary" Promo (1 March - 30 April 2013). I've ordered Walnut Breadcrumb Spaghetti (IDR 50.000) is a premium spaghetti tossed with crunchy walnut, topped with herbs feta cheese and served with poached egg. Simply sophisticated for pasta lovers. FYI, breadcrumbs is a small particles of dry bread (make it crunch & crisp on your food). 

Bryce's Chicken Baked Rice (IDR 45.000) is rice served with chicken and special homemade brown sauce with melted mozzarella cheese on top. Very savory and make you drool! Haha. Oh ya, don't worry! This kind of baked rice can be served with chicken, beef, tuna and sausage. Choose one and wait until it presented! 

Here we go! Melonade vs Lemonade, confused? haha. Let me explain it a little, Melonade (IDR 25.000) is a melon juice mixed with soda. And for the right one is Mint Lemonade (IDR 25.000), should I explain it? Hmm, it's a soda with mint flavor and mixed with mint leaves on it. Real fresh!

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Jl. Alam Sutera Boulevard
Flavor Bliss, Alam Sutera - Kav. 6 Unit B
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Saturday, March 23, 2013


For the first time, I came here and try to be a vegetarian. Haha. What's on my mind when I heard about vegetarian house, I thought there's only vegetables were served. But, in fact, it wasn't - I had wrong perception about vegetarian house. Haha.

WH vegetarian restaurant is a special vegetarian restaurant. All meal in the restaurant don't contain meat, seafood and all kinds of onion and garlic. They specialize in Indonesian Cuisine. WH vegetarian share the tradition of healthful delicacies with the fines and freshest ingredient. 

The environment here looks neat and clean, dominated with white color, because that's called "WH- White House". In here, all menu divided in some parts :
  • Appetizer (IDR 15.000) - French Fries, Crispy Mushroom, Go Hiong, Fried Salty Fish, Lumpia, Risol, Batagor, etc.
  • Main Course (IDR 28.000) - Krecek, Udang Sambal Bali, Sop Tom Yum, Sop Wonton, Sate Padang, Mie Ayam,  Ayam Rica, Soto Madura, etc.
  • Main Course (IDR 30.000) - Nasi Kari Malaysia, Nasi Goreng Thailand, Tongseng Kambing, Udang Mayo, Laksa, Ifumie.
  • Main Course (IDR 35.000) - Chicken Cordon Bleu, Nasi Kebuli, Nasi Goreng Keju, Nasi Kari Katsu, Fu Yung Hai, Nasi Bandeng Bakar.

Soto Tangkar (IDR 28.000) is one of the specialties menu. It's a mix of coconut milk, lamb (vegetarian), potatoes and tomatoes. The lamb texture is really similar like the original. Don't worry, there's no meat here. But the taste of sauce had a bit different, maybe because there's no element of garlic nor meat here.

Nasi Kari Jepang (IDR 28.000) is another vegetarian food. Looks like a real curry! But it wasn't meat, idk how they made this things - looks like the real one. The taste of curry sauce is very savory and tasty, I really love it! 

As usual, iced sweet tea and iced lemon tea are chosen for our drinks. The simple one. Hehe.

Are you ready enough for being a vegetarian?

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Ruko Flourite No. 78 - Gading Serpong
Business Hour : 10.00 - 21.00
Phone : (021) 542 20 477
Website :
Twitter : @wh_veg

Friday, March 22, 2013


Oh my God! I just found my name again! HAHA. Just the lucky of me, maybe. 
On this competition, I've got the second position on the second week. And I got a voucher dining at The Edge Kemang - Alila Hotel Jakarta. 

Oh ya, you can also to join in this competition, just go to - sign up/log in - start to review. Hehe. Have a good luck for you!

Anyway, thanks to's Team

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Bene Ristorante is a first cafe with Italian atmosphere and also the first cafe which provide pizza at Living World, Alam Sutera. You can only find pizza and some Italian food here. Bene Ristorante also hold a soft opening promo, because this cafe opened since March 18th, 2013. You'll get a discount of 15% for all menus.

This is a menu book of Bene Ristorante, they said this is only temporary book menu during the Soft Opening Promo.

This is the environment of Bene Ristorante, full of green and red. Green for its chair and red for its sofa. This place is perfect for relaxing, chatting or chill out. Oh yeah, close to the cafe, there is a small stage for live music on certain days only. So, you can enjoy with it while enjoying your meal.

Pettole is an irresistible delicacy typical of Apulia & Basilicata (fried dough balls) and also a Christmas treat according to legend were a gift to the poor from baby Jesus. That's just an information about pettole for you, but at Bene Ristorante, you'll get this for free during Soft Opening Promo. It feels like donuts as usual with a little different on the shape, petiole served with melted cheese as dip. FYI, there's also Gelato Pettole - served with a scoop of ice cream or you can asked for melted cheese as a dip, it also can be.

Salmon Con Podomori Secchi (IDR 40.000) is a fresh pasta tossed with a simple yet flavorful cream sauce of garlic, mushroom and Norwegian Salmon. Very tasty! You can also add cheese at the top of your meal.

Oaxaca Pizza, read : Wa-Ha-Ka (IDR 45.000 - single fighter), a Mexican Pizza which is made with slices of chicken, mole sauce (sauce originally used in Mexican cuisine), salsa, onion, green onion and plenty of Mexican style toppings. This is one of recommended pizza made by Bene Ristorante. Just info, there are available in 3 sizes of pizza - single fighter (small), fighter (medium) and party size (large). And the uniqueness, you can order a really big pizza which can reach one meter for its length. Can you imagine??

Grape Soda Ammenda (IDR 27.000) is a grape juice mixed with soda and there's a slice of lemon - make it fresh. This drink is served with a small glass of simple syrup, you can add it into your drink, if you think the drink less sweet.

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Living World, Alam Sutera
Ground Floor #G71
Phone : (021) 292 39 570

Monday, March 18, 2013


Gee! I don't think there will be my name in the Top 5 Editor's Choice Review. Initially, idly opening tweet from OpenRice (I'm also a member of the
Tadaaa, turns out there was my name. A little bit fun!

Well, wait for the next review from me!

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Have a good day, peeps!


Direct from the shores of Japan, Chin-Ma-Ya of Tokyo brings to the other side of the Pacific Ocean the delicate flavors of casual Japanese cuisine masterfully blended with the distinctively spicy flavor of Sichuan cooking. The very first Chin-Ma-Ya restaurant opened its doors in Gotanda, Tokyo in 2004 and before long, the addictive dishes had the locals lining up to experience the famed tasty and spicy sensation. Currently there are over 100 locations throughout Japan and that number continues to grow. (

This is a Japanese Ramen Restaurant, located in the area of Gading Serpong, Tangerang. You'll find this place easily, this restaurant is located at SPBU Pertamina (which direct to Mitra10 / Campus UMN). The logo was big and the color was red, so it'll make you easier.

This is the menu book's cover!

At the table, you'll see the newest menu from Chin-Ma-Ya (Hiyashi Tan-Tan Men, Hiyashi Chuka, Chicken Karage Don and Katsu Don). For all of its menu prices are really affordable. You should try! 

The environment from Chin-Ma-Ya, really comfort and cozy!

Chin Ma Men - Soy Based Soup Noodle with Chin-Ma-Ya Style Mapo Tofu (IDR 20.000/Small - IDR 30.000/Regular), ramen served with tofu and spicy enough Chin-Ma-Ya's sauce. From the picture above, appears there was pieces of cayenne pepper. Chin Ma Men is perfect for those who love to eat spicy.

Tonkotsu Ramen - Rich Pork Soup Noodle (IDR 20.000/Small - IDR 30.000/Regular), this ramen may look plain, but the taste wasn't plain as the presentation. Tonkotsu Ramen is served with half-boiled eggs and there are also 2 slices of pork (portions of eggs and pork will be more if you order the regular size), then at the top was given some vegetables and scallions.

Gekikara Tonkotsu - Spicy Pork Soup Noodle (IDR 25.000/Small - IDR 35.000/Regular), this ramen like the previous ramen, the difference is being spicy. Gekikara Tonkotsu was spicy enough to make your tongue feel HOT. Haha. Seen from the presentation, there are also slices of chili powder and cayenne pepper. It was very suitable for spicy food lovers.

Oh ya, for the drinks, I just ordered Cold Ocha (IDR 10.000) and free refill. 

Slurp your ramen and smile!

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CHIN-MA-YA Restaurant
Jl. Boulevard Gading Serpong, SPBU Pertamina
CBD Paramount Serpong Block B4 No. 40
Telp : (021) 290 010 65