Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Steak Hotel by Holycow is one of low price steak place in Jakarta. They opened their first outlet at Radio Dalam Street in March 2010, which is started by Winda Mardio, a woman who love for a great steaks and has a commitment to serve you better. And now, you can also find for Steak Hotel by Holycow at Senopati and Kemang. Many people said TKP Radal, TKP Senopati dan TKP Kemang. TKP means 'Tempat Karnivor Pesta'.  

For the first time I came here, I just ordered a portion of Wagyu Sirloin Steak (IDR 109.000). It really good, the meat is quite tender and juicy. And I choose BBQ Sauce for my menu with french fries and kangkung as the side dishes.

And for the second time, I ordered a different menu, I chose for Prime Tenderloin but with BBQ Sauce again. Hehe. And mashed potato and kangkung for the side dishes. But, for this time, I had a little bit disappointed because the meat wasn't tender, hard to chew! 

For the price, everyone also knows, wagyu is quite expensive. But it didn't apply in Steak Hotel by Holycow! Because the prices here range from IDR 44.000 - IDR 250.000, very affordable right? Hehe

Oh yaa, I want you to know, Steak hotel by Holycow usually open between 11AM to 14PM and continues at 5PM - 11PM on Monday - Friday, and for Saturday - Sunday will longer opening hours until 12PM.

As I know, their best seller menu are Wagyu Sirloin (IDR 109.000), Bergyu - Burger Wagyu (IDR 44.000), Prime Tenderloin (IDR 75.000) and Prime Sirloin (IDR 72.000). Are you wanna try? 

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Steak Hotel by Holycow
Jl. Radio Dalam No. 15
Jakarta Selatan
Phone : (021) 720 2776
Website : www.hellocarnivores.com

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