Monday, February 25, 2013


One of the places to eat pork satay (B2) is a Sate Pasar Lama restaurant. The restaurant is located at Gading Serpong which has a menu mainstay of pork, especially for satay. There were satay skin (kulit), intestines (usus), meat, samcan (meat in three layers), muscle (urat), liver (hati), etc. There also has a menu of chicken porridge, bakut, grilled ribs, etc.

The picture above is Bakut, it was consist of pork and vegetables (sayur asin/salted vegetables). Last night, all of this menu are chosen as my dinner. Forgetting about fat for a while, haha. Bakut is available in two sizes, small portion (IDR 20.000) and large portion (IDR 26.000). Bakut is suitable to accompany your dinner, with satay.

This is a complement when you're eating pork satay. Pickled cucumber and carrots, also dried shrimp powder is added with soy sauce.

Here we go! Pork satay!
I ordered a serving of pork satay, consist of sweet meat satay, skin pork satay and intestines pork satay, as my favorite. Price satay varies but on average IDR 4.000 - IDR 5.000 per skewer. Really worth and you'll feel like full as a goog! Haha

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