Friday, February 1, 2013


Going out on Saturday Night with my family. Crowded in everywhere, especially for restaurant or food area. Aaaaah, getting bored then! Waiting list in every place, hah!

Let's go! We're find for other places...

Okay, we've choosed Steak21 haha. Why? Because we've only 10 minutes for waiting here, yeay! Hungry!

Fish Grilled with Brown Sauce is chosen! Fishy fishy! Served with a little mushroom on it and completed with brown sauce, french fries and fresh vegetables.

The taste is good enough, but maybe Abuba Steak is better than this hehe. But it worth for you to try this menu. Be a food lover! :)

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Summarecon Mall Serpong 2, Downtown Walk
Business Hour : 10.00 - 22.00
Website :
Cuisine : Steak House

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