Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I just found this beverages when I went to Brightspot Market on the last Sunday (February 17th, 2013) at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town (West Mall, Floor 5th - near Ismaya Catering). When I just walked around there, looking for some good stuff and I just passed F&B ZONE! Hehe.

Go ahead! There was By Alma, Chef Nation, Serradella, Tea Party, The Goods Cafe and also Creamy Comfort, yeay! Many people went here, maybe they were looking for the unique-a little bit vintage on the design, I thought. And also they looked something in the jars, which is displayed on their booth.

Because it looks very tempting, so I just bought 6 cups. At the first I was happy, because it's available in some selection of flavors. But, because the number of buyers, so I can only bought two flavors are still available, Mudslide and Black Russian, which is their favorite flavors.

The picture above is Mudslides and Black Russian in the jars. This item was sold out when I was there. That two jars is only for display, can't buy. Hhh..

I'm just trying for this two flavors, Mudslides and Black Russian. They were said, the two items above are their favorite flavors, many people bought for it. I hope the taste is good. Hehe.

Here we go! Mudslides, the first flavors I bought. This mousse really really good and yummy! I didn't regret for buying this, haha. This flavors consist of Baileys induced mousse like pie on a nutty graham cracker crust. Perfect for those with a craving for irish creme. You can eat for one cup, but you need it more. Hehe.

This is called Black Russian, other flavor which I bought. A little different with the previous flavor, in this mousse, there was a mixed of vodka, when they explained to me. Okay, I'll try! And what? This is no less great as the previous. Oh, I really fall in love with this 'two things'. You've drink the drink, now taste for it. Hehe

After all, I wanna give you a little information about Creamy Comfort. It has some flavors which you can choose and also available in several package.

# Cookies and Cream (The Newest Flavor)
   A creamy mousse like pie filled with loads of oreo cookies and cream. 
# English Triffle
   Made with layers of thick custard, sponge cake, followed with liquors, strawberries
   and jams.
# Banoffee
   Made from bananas, cream and toffee, layered on crust made of crumbled buttery
   digestive biscuits.

# The Comfort Box
   - Box of 6 (IDR 165.000), up to 3 flavors come in plastic cup containers
   - Box of 12 (IDR 300.000), up to 6 flavors come in plastic cup containers
# The Comfort Jar
   - Box of 12 (IDR 420.000), up to 6 flavors come in jars
# The Comfort Basket
   - Basket of 16 (IDR 560.000), up to 6 flavors come in jars
   - Basket of 30 (IDR 900.000), up to 6 flavors come in jars
# The Mini Comfort
   - Min. Order of 50 pcs (IDR 1.000.000), choices of pretty mini glasses or mini square
      plastic bowls.

Just for your information, if you need customized order, you can contact them. And they will make it happen as you wish. Are you happy to hear that, uh?? :)

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  1. gw dr dlu ga kesampean mo nyobain ini.. lucu ya jar2 gitu

    1. Pesen aja vin hehe. Gw juga gak sengaja nemu pas kmrn ini, tp cm dpt yg di plastic cups trus gak pake boxnya juga (keabisan stoknya) hahaha, yg jar sold out.