Monday, February 18, 2013


Gastro Alley, one of the most happening place at Pantai Indah Kapuk. It has a comfort ambience with brown color and wood texture as their dominant interior. Therefore, we can feel comfortable and at ease to linger there. It's a good place to spend your night!

On the front, there is bar to make drinks with couple of tables and chairs. I was sat here, enjoy the night and listen to the music which played here and also, you can see the bartender when they made some drinks, it was nice!

I just get a red wine when I came here at the valentine's day, with a comfort atmosphere here. This place is really full, many couples get here. So, here we go - a special menu on the Valentine's day! 

Adult Version Waldorf Salad with Parmagiano Reggiano Disc, it was an asian mixed wild greens tossed in truffle vinaigrette with parmagiano reggiano disc and balsamic syrup. Fragrance flavour of truffle well combined with aged balsamic vinegar make this simply salad very refreshing and when you think it's lack of something crunch to bite, the parmagiano reggiano disc will fulfil the crunchiness that needed in the salad.

Caramelized Canadian Scallops with Roma Tomato Salsa and Cauliflower Puree, it's a very well blended flavour combining between the sweetness of the scallops and smoking flavour from the cauliflower puree. The fishiness and sweetness from the scallops cut through with the thyme foam and roma tomatoes capers salsa that burst your palette to tuck in more and more.

Artisan Baby Chicken with Red Wine Jus, the smallest chicken ever in the world, well seared breast and torched leg roullade make this dish smells 'BURN' the sweetness from the tiny carrot and beetroot cut all the bitterness that comes from the red wine sauce and burn taste of the chicken it self. A perfect meal to complete my savory dish list.

Coconut with Spiced Chocolate, it's a fragrance coconut mousse that really mush and soft, and it isn't sweet at all! At the first time after through 4 course meal, you'll end up with a stomach full enough to fill any more desserts, and when the desserts comes sweet you'll feel like 'I HAD ENOUGH'. But it's a different story with this one, a soft and light coconut mousse perfectly close your set menu meal. When you look for a perfect sweet pairing to burst the coconut mousse flavours, the spiced chocolate cremeux will be a very perfect dip for the coconut mousse. The chocolate were spicy, there's a  chili flavours comes with it.

And overall, I'm glad to add one more to my noteworthy list. They pay attention to the ambience and also, more importantly they take their food seriously. So you have to come and taste their food!

FYI, at Gastro Alley, you can reserved for your private dinning! Really interesting, right? :)

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Gastro Alley

Ruko Crown Golf, Blok D No. 23
Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk
Business Hour : 18.00 - 23.00
Phone : (021) 999 02 997

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