Wednesday, February 6, 2013



How amaze when I came here and got the bill! It wasn't an expensive one, but if I can say, it really really worth to eat!

I tried this food at the newly opened branch, which is at Puri Indah. Some people has said about this, called it "Bakmi Aloi". They said the noodles is really recommended and they asked me to try it. And well, really good!

But, only one thing which make me think here, about the portion/servings! Bakmi Aloi has a big portion for each, not like in general. And there are other unique, the menu here is available in three size : half servings, one servings and one-half servings.

The picture above is my menu, Mie Bak Cahsiu (IDR 14.000) - half servings. See, how much for a half servings sizes, haha! I was a little bit shocked when it has presented, a 'big size' for the size that I've chose! HAHA. The noodle and pork are tasty and soft, then the pork and scallion are placed on top of it and it was ready to eat! HAP!


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Bakmi Aloi
Jl. Puri Kembangan Raya No. 8C
Phone : (021) 5835 9061 / 71

(Bakmie Aloi also has many branches, like at Palembang, Grogol, Kelapa Gading, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Palem, Gading Mall 5, Alam Sutera and Citra 2 Extension)

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