Thursday, February 28, 2013


I just got an invitation from OpenRice Team for the first time. They invited me for tasting the food and drinks which is made by Bitter Sweet Cafe, chat and laugh here. This gathering was started at 6.30 PM, but I came late here, haha.
Here we go! I'll explain to you about this cafe and also their food.

At first, when I came here, it was available a few dishes on the table, so you could say appetizers (maybe, idk) haha, or snacks were more precise. Let me tell you one by one, left to right :
Fried Crab Sticks
The texture is quite soft and crisp.
Crispy Mushroom
For some reason, when I saw this food, I'm not so fond of. Maybe because the presentation isn't good enough and hard to chew.
Shrimp Cake
This might be the one that I love, soft texture on the inside and crisp outside.

The First Dish : Fried Rice
I'm not so fond of, for sure. It looks so plain and tasteless, for me. How people would like it if the food was served like this? Sorry to say.

The Second Dish : Chicken Katsu Don
It looks better than before, for the presentation. There was rice at the bottom, then covered with egg and mushrooms there and katsu on top, sprinkled with sesame seeds.

The Third Dish : Spaghetti Gangnam
"It was a Korean Food", the owner said. Spaghetti was served with Korean sauce, slices of meat and cheese on top and garlic bread as the side dish. The taste is little bit spicy, but it's good enough.

The Fourth Dish : Yang Nyeom Chicken, Korean Fried Chicken
Hmm, I don't know how to explain this dish. From its name, it looks a Korean food. But I didn't feel the Korean on it, when it was served. Sweet and sour for the chicken, maybe they used their own Korean sauce. This is one of the best from all of the main menu that have been presented.

The Fifth Dish : Breaded Deep Fried Chicken Cutlets, Curry on Rice
Nothing special on this curry, like curry as usual. 

The Sixth Dish : Bi Bim Bap
Korean Food again! Looks yummy when you look at it for the first time, haha. There was mushroom, carrot, bean sprout, etc. And for how to eat, all mixed into one. 

And for the last, they served Coffee Blended. The owner said, it was made by himself and he said that this coffee was blended with mango. But when I tried and tasted it, I didn't feel the taste of mango. To be honest, I didn't understand the purpose of the coffee was blended with mango. 

At the last, the owner was interview by the OpenRice Team. He was explained about the cafe, called Bitter Sweet Cafe because it was like a life, there was sweet and bitter, sometimes.
Originally, it was made for a cafe/coffee shop, but now become a restaurant, focused on Japanese and Korean Food, he said. But, in fact, you can find 'anything' here. Haha. And he also said that he likes to make something and he usually makes the food what was on his mind. So, when you look at the menu, there was so many list of food! HAHA.

But if you are curious, please come to this cafe! :)

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Jl. Ruko Emerald No. 26 (Near Food Plaza)
Pantai Indah Kapuk

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Another great-innovative concept from Ismaya. Now, Djournal Coffee was opened at Summarecon Mal Serpong, Phase 2 - Ground Floor. It has two areas, indoor (non-smoking) and outdoor (smoking) which you can enjoy the environments around this cafe. I really love the concept here! Really comfort, cozy and you can stay here for a long time.

It has a little different concept than others cafe. You should order at the front and pick up it at the other side (go behind the cashier) haha. While waiting, I can look some unique coffee stuff, really nice!

It was a menu at Djournal Coffee. Look - choose - order and enjoy it!

Full of sweet things, full of sin there! Haha. There was many kinds of cake on that refrigerator glass, also there was some croissants there. Very tempting! Many people said the best cake here is Nutella Cake, but I'm not the lucky one, I never got it for 3 times. Haha. Sold out, I meant! :(

I can found TWG Tea here! Yeay, so happy! Idk why, I fall in love with this tea. FYI, TWG Tea was established in Singapore in celebration of the island’s great history as a trading post for teas, spices and fine epicurean products. TWG Tea, which stands for The Wellness Group, is a luxury concept that incorporates an international distribution network to professionals, unique and original retail outlets and exquisite tea rooms. A veritable tea institution, TWG Tea is passionate about sharing their expertise and has become a point of reference for tea lovers thirsty for knowledge (

For now, I chose Creme Caramel. Love the smell of the caramel. But, when I ordered this hot tea, the waitress asked me "Wanna add a caramel syrup from us? The taste is better!" Hmm, "okay" I said. When I smell the tea, the caramel was really on it! Calm and relax. And as I know, TWG Tea uses 100% cotton material, it can transferring the flavours directly to the teacup.

Here it is! When I came here, Idk what should I gonna choose, many kinds of drinks here, from hot tea, blended until coffee. So, I just asked the waitress "What is the favorite drinks here?" Then she said "Dirty Mocha". Oh well, I chose as her choice. I felt something like 'sands' on my drinks, it called coffee granule, or I can said it likes a coffee powder/coarse ground coffee beans. For the topped, you can adding whipped cream or without it, just tell to them. And also there was some chocolate looks alike coffee beans.

Yesterday, I tried to this sweet thing, Lychee and Rose Cake. I love this cake, but not really for the cream, a little bit sour. The sponge cake is soft and lychee flavor on it. At the top, Idk what it should be called, hehe. I think its like a macaroons, the taste is sweet and not too crunchy.

Another comfy spot at the cafe! There a sofa and you directly can see the bar.  

Look at their tissue! Creative and nice! They had some design on their tissue and also a message on each design.  

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Summarecon Mal Serpong 2, Ground Floor
Phone : (021) 2931 0619
Twitter : @djournalcoffee

Monday, February 25, 2013


One of the places to eat pork satay (B2) is a Sate Pasar Lama restaurant. The restaurant is located at Gading Serpong which has a menu mainstay of pork, especially for satay. There were satay skin (kulit), intestines (usus), meat, samcan (meat in three layers), muscle (urat), liver (hati), etc. There also has a menu of chicken porridge, bakut, grilled ribs, etc.

The picture above is Bakut, it was consist of pork and vegetables (sayur asin/salted vegetables). Last night, all of this menu are chosen as my dinner. Forgetting about fat for a while, haha. Bakut is available in two sizes, small portion (IDR 20.000) and large portion (IDR 26.000). Bakut is suitable to accompany your dinner, with satay.

This is a complement when you're eating pork satay. Pickled cucumber and carrots, also dried shrimp powder is added with soy sauce.

Here we go! Pork satay!
I ordered a serving of pork satay, consist of sweet meat satay, skin pork satay and intestines pork satay, as my favorite. Price satay varies but on average IDR 4.000 - IDR 5.000 per skewer. Really worth and you'll feel like full as a goog! Haha

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Jl. Boulevard Raya Blok AA 3 No. 18
Gading Serpong
Phone : (021) 7011 5525 / 0815 8610 8582

Friday, February 22, 2013


Now if you want to eat Bebek Tepi Sawah, you didn't have  to go to Ubud, Bali. Now Bebek Tepi Sawah is already opened at Living World Mall, Alam Sutera. Its location near the eastern atrium lobby. In the restaurant there are two areas, indoor (non-smoking area) and outdoor (smoking area).

When I looked at this restaurant, it looks Balinese style in it. The atmosphere is made like eating out in Bali, with decorative a checkered cloth in black and white and also decorates with various flowers there. Not forgotten, the traditional Balinese song also accompany us when eating there.

Yesterday, when I was there - looking for my dinner, the place is very crowded. Seating is available only at the bar, the rest is already full. Well, I sat there and can looked at the bartender when they made some drinks. Hehe. 

Specialty here is duck which available in 2 types, Crispy Duck and Grilled Duck (IDR 90.000). The picture above is Tepi Sawah Grilled Duck, as my dinner. It was a traditional grilled duck with Balinese vegetables and three choices Balinese sambal. One portion is consist of half duck tails, large enough or you can sharing for two and the meat is quite tender and sweet.

Not enough to order only for the duck, this time I ordered Sup Ikan Tampak Siring (IDR 55.000), one of exotic Balinese signature. The spice deeply felt and tasteful, completed of Ikan Patin with slices of red & green tomato and onions. The taste is sour and a little bit spicy, but feels so fresh. Hehe.

The picture above is my favorite drinks here! Haha. SO FRESH!
The left one, is Peach Iced Tea (IDR 20.000). Peach Tea flavor with some lychee and mint leaves in it, also added their special syrup and a little fresh lime. Feels light and fresh! And for the right one, is Legian Signature (IDR 27.500) - signature mocktails, muddled of Kiwi and lychee fruits with fresh lime topped with their special syrup. SHOULD TRY AND IT'S A MUST! :)

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Living World Alam Sutera, Ground Floor
Jl. Alam Sutera Boulevard Kav. 21 - Serpong
Telp : (021) 2921 1919
Cuisine : Indonesian

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I just found this beverages when I went to Brightspot Market on the last Sunday (February 17th, 2013) at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town (West Mall, Floor 5th - near Ismaya Catering). When I just walked around there, looking for some good stuff and I just passed F&B ZONE! Hehe.

Go ahead! There was By Alma, Chef Nation, Serradella, Tea Party, The Goods Cafe and also Creamy Comfort, yeay! Many people went here, maybe they were looking for the unique-a little bit vintage on the design, I thought. And also they looked something in the jars, which is displayed on their booth.

Because it looks very tempting, so I just bought 6 cups. At the first I was happy, because it's available in some selection of flavors. But, because the number of buyers, so I can only bought two flavors are still available, Mudslide and Black Russian, which is their favorite flavors.

The picture above is Mudslides and Black Russian in the jars. This item was sold out when I was there. That two jars is only for display, can't buy. Hhh..

I'm just trying for this two flavors, Mudslides and Black Russian. They were said, the two items above are their favorite flavors, many people bought for it. I hope the taste is good. Hehe.

Here we go! Mudslides, the first flavors I bought. This mousse really really good and yummy! I didn't regret for buying this, haha. This flavors consist of Baileys induced mousse like pie on a nutty graham cracker crust. Perfect for those with a craving for irish creme. You can eat for one cup, but you need it more. Hehe.

This is called Black Russian, other flavor which I bought. A little different with the previous flavor, in this mousse, there was a mixed of vodka, when they explained to me. Okay, I'll try! And what? This is no less great as the previous. Oh, I really fall in love with this 'two things'. You've drink the drink, now taste for it. Hehe

After all, I wanna give you a little information about Creamy Comfort. It has some flavors which you can choose and also available in several package.

# Cookies and Cream (The Newest Flavor)
   A creamy mousse like pie filled with loads of oreo cookies and cream. 
# English Triffle
   Made with layers of thick custard, sponge cake, followed with liquors, strawberries
   and jams.
# Banoffee
   Made from bananas, cream and toffee, layered on crust made of crumbled buttery
   digestive biscuits.

# The Comfort Box
   - Box of 6 (IDR 165.000), up to 3 flavors come in plastic cup containers
   - Box of 12 (IDR 300.000), up to 6 flavors come in plastic cup containers
# The Comfort Jar
   - Box of 12 (IDR 420.000), up to 6 flavors come in jars
# The Comfort Basket
   - Basket of 16 (IDR 560.000), up to 6 flavors come in jars
   - Basket of 30 (IDR 900.000), up to 6 flavors come in jars
# The Mini Comfort
   - Min. Order of 50 pcs (IDR 1.000.000), choices of pretty mini glasses or mini square
      plastic bowls.

Just for your information, if you need customized order, you can contact them. And they will make it happen as you wish. Are you happy to hear that, uh?? :)

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Phone : 0816 186 8060 / (021) 582 7659
Blackberry Messenger Pin : 25B19C3A
Email :

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Steak Hotel by Holycow is one of low price steak place in Jakarta. They opened their first outlet at Radio Dalam Street in March 2010, which is started by Winda Mardio, a woman who love for a great steaks and has a commitment to serve you better. And now, you can also find for Steak Hotel by Holycow at Senopati and Kemang. Many people said TKP Radal, TKP Senopati dan TKP Kemang. TKP means 'Tempat Karnivor Pesta'.  

For the first time I came here, I just ordered a portion of Wagyu Sirloin Steak (IDR 109.000). It really good, the meat is quite tender and juicy. And I choose BBQ Sauce for my menu with french fries and kangkung as the side dishes.

And for the second time, I ordered a different menu, I chose for Prime Tenderloin but with BBQ Sauce again. Hehe. And mashed potato and kangkung for the side dishes. But, for this time, I had a little bit disappointed because the meat wasn't tender, hard to chew! 

For the price, everyone also knows, wagyu is quite expensive. But it didn't apply in Steak Hotel by Holycow! Because the prices here range from IDR 44.000 - IDR 250.000, very affordable right? Hehe

Oh yaa, I want you to know, Steak hotel by Holycow usually open between 11AM to 14PM and continues at 5PM - 11PM on Monday - Friday, and for Saturday - Sunday will longer opening hours until 12PM.

As I know, their best seller menu are Wagyu Sirloin (IDR 109.000), Bergyu - Burger Wagyu (IDR 44.000), Prime Tenderloin (IDR 75.000) and Prime Sirloin (IDR 72.000). Are you wanna try? 

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Steak Hotel by Holycow
Jl. Radio Dalam No. 15
Jakarta Selatan
Phone : (021) 720 2776
Website :

Monday, February 18, 2013


Gastro Alley, one of the most happening place at Pantai Indah Kapuk. It has a comfort ambience with brown color and wood texture as their dominant interior. Therefore, we can feel comfortable and at ease to linger there. It's a good place to spend your night!

On the front, there is bar to make drinks with couple of tables and chairs. I was sat here, enjoy the night and listen to the music which played here and also, you can see the bartender when they made some drinks, it was nice!

I just get a red wine when I came here at the valentine's day, with a comfort atmosphere here. This place is really full, many couples get here. So, here we go - a special menu on the Valentine's day! 

Adult Version Waldorf Salad with Parmagiano Reggiano Disc, it was an asian mixed wild greens tossed in truffle vinaigrette with parmagiano reggiano disc and balsamic syrup. Fragrance flavour of truffle well combined with aged balsamic vinegar make this simply salad very refreshing and when you think it's lack of something crunch to bite, the parmagiano reggiano disc will fulfil the crunchiness that needed in the salad.

Caramelized Canadian Scallops with Roma Tomato Salsa and Cauliflower Puree, it's a very well blended flavour combining between the sweetness of the scallops and smoking flavour from the cauliflower puree. The fishiness and sweetness from the scallops cut through with the thyme foam and roma tomatoes capers salsa that burst your palette to tuck in more and more.

Artisan Baby Chicken with Red Wine Jus, the smallest chicken ever in the world, well seared breast and torched leg roullade make this dish smells 'BURN' the sweetness from the tiny carrot and beetroot cut all the bitterness that comes from the red wine sauce and burn taste of the chicken it self. A perfect meal to complete my savory dish list.

Coconut with Spiced Chocolate, it's a fragrance coconut mousse that really mush and soft, and it isn't sweet at all! At the first time after through 4 course meal, you'll end up with a stomach full enough to fill any more desserts, and when the desserts comes sweet you'll feel like 'I HAD ENOUGH'. But it's a different story with this one, a soft and light coconut mousse perfectly close your set menu meal. When you look for a perfect sweet pairing to burst the coconut mousse flavours, the spiced chocolate cremeux will be a very perfect dip for the coconut mousse. The chocolate were spicy, there's a  chili flavours comes with it.

And overall, I'm glad to add one more to my noteworthy list. They pay attention to the ambience and also, more importantly they take their food seriously. So you have to come and taste their food!

FYI, at Gastro Alley, you can reserved for your private dinning! Really interesting, right? :)

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Gastro Alley

Ruko Crown Golf, Blok D No. 23
Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk
Business Hour : 18.00 - 23.00
Phone : (021) 999 02 997

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Tous Les Jours is a South Korean bakery franchise owned by CJ Foodville and it is a "French-Asian" bakery serving a selection of bakery goods and beverages.

The interior is very comfortable and the bread and cakes looked very fresh, very tempting, really attractive. But not just any bread here, but there's also have many kinds of cakes, coffee and other beverages. Lots of delicious flavor selection and they had a friendly staff, I think it represent to their main strengths.

CHOCO MOUSSE! Looooks soo tempting right? This is one of the delicious choco mousse that I ever tasted. Hmm, other than choco mousse, strawberry mousse herein are available as well which is also a favorite here. But when I came here, straberry mousse are out of stock, because many people are looking for it.

The picture above is a choco mousse that was ready to eat, looks tempting. HAP! The taste is light and fluffy, creamy and thick. I thought, a mousse may be sweet or savory. So, enjoy with it!

For my drink, I'm looking for the fresh drink because I just had a meeting and need to refresh my mind, haha. So, I ordered Orange Ade - one of favorite drinks here. It's a sweet and fresh orange fall in soda. Can you image it? You should try, fo sho! :)

You get what you pay for, fresh bread and cakes!

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Tous Les Jours

Summarecon Mal Serpong 2, Ground Floor - Unit 228
Jl. Boulevard Gading Serpong
Telp : (021) 2931 0620