Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Salmon Attack

When Christmas was near, my team at office got a plan for making a Christmas Dinner. At first, we were confused about the place where we gonna go. Many places we've chosen, but finally we choose Canteen Plaza Indonesia for our Christmas Dinner. Canteen Plaza Indonesia offers simple, gourmet style European and Asian food, along with a wide selection, e.g. cocktails, wines and spirits.

When we're arrived, we talked and laughed at each other, sharing our daily activities, silly question and stories, and many else, hehe. And while waiting for the others, we ordered some drinks, like sparkling water, iced lemon tea, coca-cola, etc.

After an hour and everything is assembled, we ordered some dishes. Many kinds of them, so I can't explain for each because I forgot about the dishes' name (too long for a simple dish, haha). So sorry! :(

Well, I will explain the dish which I've chose. The dishes name is Salmon with Asparagus, Quiche Lorraine and Hollandaise Sauce. Hmm, too long for a simple one, isn't it? Haha! For sure, I didn't really know what it looks like, I just know it will consist of salmon and asparagus, hehe. And when it served, looks so small (maybe the plate is too large - comparison, hehe). It's so juicy and soft and such a nice combination taste with ..... (the left one, I don't know what it is, like a sweet grape, or maybe baby tomatoes?) Ahh, I really didn't know about it! Haha. 

FYI, the favourite by far, highly recommended by their loyal customers is the Pesto Spaghetti with Crispy Chicken breasts.  The rich and moist Pesto sauce smothers the perfectly cooked spaghetti and combined with the the crispy chicken gives this dish a tasty crunchy zest. The Tuna Pizza is a sure hit as well. 

After finished our dishes, we've a 'exchange gift' YEAY! All wrapped in newspaper, so we didn't know what we'll get! Lot of fun, love and laugh. A perfect and nice team. Oh ya, before going home, we took a picture - togetherness, as a memento. I'm happy to know you, guys! :) 

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