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Fook Yew, is one of Ismaya's establishments (the same company which own SKYE, Social House, Kitchenette, Pasta de Waraku, etc) with bravest concept "Who says Chinese Food can't be yummy and fun?"

FOOK YEW Shanghai Bistro and Bubble Tea Lab is a fun casual Chinese eatery inspired by the tasty delicacies from the streets of Shanghai, set in an old-fashioned Chinese-pop-style canteen. This restaurant looks different, it has a striking color (red and green) with the atmosphere like in Shanghai and also full of 'provocative' sentences, or maybe called like some giant poster. Hehe. Then, I found a sentence that I love - "Eating is like a horizon, there's no limit", that words were behind me! Haha

When you walked into the restaurant, you'll see some chefs are making something there, like fishes in the aquarium, aren't they? HAHA. I don't know what it should called, open kitchen, maybe? Hmm, idk. And when you've got a table and take a sit, you'll be given a menu of foods and drinks. Oh, I really hate if asked to choose one of the many types of food, confused. Well, I just looked to the 'recommendation symbol' when choosing it, the easiest way! Haha

Jasmine Tea, my dad's favorite tea. Watch out, its hot! For sure, I don't like eat or drinks which is still hot. But.... it was good enough when it served cold! Hehe. This is one kind of Chinese Tea, you can ask to be refilled if the tea is over.

Spaghetti Crispy Chicken with Black Pepper, it was chosen by my mom! She likes it, very tasty!  Spaghetti with chicken placed on top and covered with black pepper sauce. It felt a little bit spicy, but still delicious with the crispy chicken.

Baked Beef Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce, was chosen by my sister, she also like it, like my mom! But the portion is bigger! Haha. Sweet and sour the taste of it. The spaghetti was inside and maybe covered by tomato sauce and cheese and baked it!

Salted Fish & Chicken Fried Rice, was ordered by my daddy! I think it was consist by its name, hehe. Such fried rice which mixed with salted fish and chicken, savory! Hap hap hap! 

I've choose it, Seafood Fusilli with Huangpu Sauce. Idk before, about Huangpu Sauce, haha. Because it took a long time for me to choose, so I choose by the "recommendation symbol", the easiest way! Hehe. And what? It wasn't really good as I imagine, haha. Maybe the taste is too sweet for me. But well, it consist of fusilli, prawn, fillet fish and a lil bit of salted fish here.

For the last, I ordered a Coconut Pudding, one of my favorite dessert. Yay! Well, the taste is good enough, but still better Coconut Pudding made by XO Suki or Maystar, haha. The pudding served cold and not too sweet, so enjoy with it!

And what? I got a privilege, a free dessert! How can it be? Hmm, I just made a member which offered by Fook Yew (Ismaya Group) so I got it for free! So fresh, consists of fruits and milk! Not only this kind of dessert, but there are another menu you can choose. Happy tempting!

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Fook Yew
Gandaria City Mainstreet GF, Unit MG25
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda 5 No. 8
Business Hours : 11:00 - 23:00 (Monday - Thursday) & 11:00 - Late Night (Friday - Sunday)
Phone : (021) 2900 7897
Website : www.ismayagroup.com/fookyew

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