Monday, August 15, 2016


1945 is the year of Indonesia's independence and a major milestone in Indonesia's history to become an independent modern nation. The nation doesn't look back to its past but rather improves continuously and values highly its people's freedom of expression.

1945 restaurant opened its door on August 17th, 2015 with the aim to contribute to the nation's freedom of expression and its rich cultural diversity by re-imagining Indonesian cuisine and elevating it to gourmet status, while still preserving authentic Indonesian taste. They want to be the foundation of a new wave pioneering creativity in developing Indonesian food. 

So, in celebration of Indonesia's independence day, they will offer you 17.08% off* for every dine in transaction starting from August 1st, 2016.

Martabak Wagyu

Martabak Wagyu (IDR 140.000), curry flavoured wagyu beef, scrambled duck egg, leeks and onion, served on crispy phyllo pastry with pickles and pomelo salad. This menu wasn't like I imagined, even I didn't think if this was martabak! Just another surprise for myself. *sigh*


Strolling around to Canggu area during my last holiday, which the story wants to visit Finn Beach which were very popular visited by tourists. But because we weren't familiar with all the way here, we decided to use Google Maps application, which directs us to the newest Finn Beach Club (when it was open for invitation guests only) *sigh*. Well said, we were pretty pointless come to Canggu area without being able to enjoy the atmosphere of Finn Beach.

Monday, July 11, 2016


Just found another hidden gem in Kuningan. Yes, this is the first time I visited this place. And this place wasn't too in expose, so maybe this wasn't a fancy restaurant that are often looking for young people these days. And the location of this restaurant is located in Lippo Kuningan.

The Pork Belly

Friday, July 8, 2016


Following the development of the emergence of ubiquitous coffee shop on these days is enough to make me overwhelmed. Yes, you may also feel that a lot of coffee shop popping everywhere. And this time, I found a hidden coffee shop in the area of Alam Sutera, namely Coarse & Fine Coffee.

Filter Coffee

On that day, we're trying to sip their Filter Coffee (IDR 60.000) but so sorry I forgot what bean that I've chose haha. But, I remember, slightly fruity aftertaste. :)

Sunday, June 19, 2016


This time I visited one of the new restaurant in Menteng are quite interesting for me tasting, which is a typical seafood restaurant Makassar, called it Aroma Sedap! Yes it was true, if Makassar is famous for their seafood and regional food specialties. Therefore, I'm quite curious about the menus here and here are some menus that have been ordered.

Kerang Bambu Saus Padang

Kerang Bambu Saus Padang (IDR 42.500), just the other shellfish, which is shaped like bamboo and a bit chewy. This time, the bamboo shellfish cooked with Padang sauce to give more delicious taste.